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Ride bus both ways or not at all

Re: School bus stops outrageously early | letter, Aug. 14

Ride bus both ways or not at all

I have to comment regarding early bus stops.

I have two children in kindergarten and fourth grade going to Garrison-Jones Elementary School. At our bus stop are two children in first and second grades going to San Jose Elementary. The same bus will be going to both schools this year, just like last year. Our bus also is coming 15 minutes earlier this year and the grandmother/guardian of the San Jose children has told me she, too, has decided to drive her children to school in the mornings.

This really irritates me. Last year her children were the only children on our bus route dropped off at San Jose. Because she has decided not to go to a close-to-home school and will drive her kids in the morning, my children will unnecessarily have to get up to go to school earlier.

And if, like last year, no other children are being dropped off at San Jose, my children will arrive at school 15 to 20 minutes before they need to be there. That means my children will have to sit outside the school waiting to get in, when they could have had an extra 15 to 20 minutes in the morning.

I feel if you decide to car ride in the morning due to the earlier bus pickup time, then you should be disqualified from being considered a bus rider and you should pick up your children in the afternoon, too, or change your school to a close-to-home school.

B. Seifert, Dunedin

Re: School is 3 miles away, but bus ride takes 50 minutes | letter, Aug. 10

Stop complaining about bus rides

Why can't elementary children ride a bus for 50 minutes, unless they are handicapped and can't sit very long? Just 10 stops in another community doesn't sound like much to me.

What's the school district supposed to do — buy another bus and hire another driver, when one bus and one driver can do the job? I'm sure the schools are on a tight budget, just like the rest of us.

If it's faster, maybe the children should walk the 3 miles instead of having to sit for 50 minutes. Some of the things we complain about today are senseless.

Fran Glaros-Sharp, Clearwater

Plan for Sand Key doesn't suit area

Once again, the residents of the community of Sand Key have been called into action, and once again we stand united in opposition to what is being proposed by Legg Mason at the current site of the Cabana Club on Sand Key.

While I don't need to regurgitate all the facts in this case, suffice it to say that what Legg Mason is proposing is akin to trying to force a very large, square peg into a rather small, round hole. They can push, and shove, and use their mighty corporate machine to grease the facts, but it is what it is and it just doesn't fit!

It doesn't fit the character, it doesn't fit the space and it certainly doesn't fit the code.

Legg Mason cannot be allowed to have it their way to the irreversible detriment — personal and financial — of the thousands of people who call Sand Key home. The City Council and the Community Development Board cannot allow them to do that to this community and the surrounding environment!

All those in local government must hear the united voice of the residents of Sand Key and send Legg Mason back to the drawing board to come up with a more suitable, more community-friendly, code compliant development plan for this property.

John Collins, Clearwater

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