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Safety Harbor should avoid approving subdivision and setting precedent

City should avoid setting precedent

On Monday at 7:30 p.m. in Safety Harbor City Hall, there will be a public hearing on a proposed "small scale amendment and zoning change to the city's future land use and zoning atlas." This meeting promises to be pivotal in determining Safety Harbor's growth direction. The City Commission is seeking public input from all concerned residents. Will you call in your input (724-1555) or show up to be heard?

I do have a dog in this fight. I live across the street from the parcel in question.

The proposed changes are referenced as "small" by city staff. They will not seem small to those of us on the street who stand to see a four-lot, single-family detached subdivision oriented to 13th Avenue S arise on the designated corner (13th and Main Street). The proposed subdivision consists of modular buildings. They will be uniform in structure, color and design.

Is this your vision for Safety Harbor? Can you visualize these subdivisions sprinkled throughout our quaint little piece of unspoiled Florida?

Planning and Zoning Board members who supported passing the case to the City Commission maintain that a precedent will not be set with approval. How would it be fair to allow one subdivision so far from downtown (13th and Main), and later turn down one closer in, say on 10th and Main across from Century 21? Two parcels exist on that corner that could accommodate a tiny subdivision of modular homes.

How about the parcel, owned by the same developer seeking approval for the subdivision at Monday's meeting, located on the corner of State Road 590 and 13th? Everyone believes the small existing structures will be replaced by large, site-built houses of a style similar to the one under construction. Why couldn't the developer change course? What possible rationale could the commission put forth for approving one project at one end of the street, and disapproving an identical one at the other end?

It is my opinion that these are critical questions requiring thoughtful consideration. Further information is available at the city's Web site,

Residents can review the Planning and Zoning Board's meeting minutes from Sept. 20 to gain a full flavor of the issue. Go to Planning and Zoning Board, click on that date, click on video. (You will hear an audiotape of the proceedings.)

Nancy J. Besore, Safety Harbor

Political signs torn from yard

After many years of putting campaign signs in my front yard and having them undisturbed, it finally happened last night sometime between sundown and 8 p.m.

It's unknown who they were, but I have a good idea. They tore down our McCain/Palin yard sign. Those who did it should be aware that there are laws against trespassing and vandalism. The police should be notified to keep an eye out for this type of vandalism between now and Nov. 4.

Ron Bowman, Dunedin

Sign vandalism fosters division

It took awhile, but my order for 10 McCain/Palin yard signs arrived a few days ago. I put up five in visible locations around town: in front of my house, in front of other properties I own and in front of properties of politically like-minded friends.

One day later, only the sign in front of my house is unmolested. Three were simply removed, one was cut up with a box cutter or something of that sort.

I understand that we are divided. But I don't understand why some people fight so hard to make sure that we stay divided. Voting isn't an us vs. them proposition. It's an us proposition — as in us Americans.

Ripping down every sign that your opponent erects doesn't build support, it builds anger.

John A. Skicewicz, Clearwater

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Safety Harbor should avoid approving subdivision and setting precedent 10/04/08 [Last modified: Tuesday, October 7, 2008 12:27pm]
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