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Salary cuts for commissioners could fund other needs

County faces service cuts June 6, article

Try salary cuts on commissioners

County commissioners, expecting revenue shortages, propose reducing services. State approval to pay the five part-time commissioners half their $60,000 salaries would save $150,000 and benefits.

Volunteer commissioners would save $300,000 and benefits.

Such savings would enable some services to continue.

James A. Willan, Brooksville

Campaigns need to inform voters

Columnist Dan DeWitt is right. Anyone who wants smaller government is looking to get rid of it and destroy it.

THE Bus is a service that I don't want to see destroyed and candidate Jason Sager wants to do just that.

THE Bus is a lifeline to low-income and disabled people like myself and it's the only way I have to get around.

As a disabled Hernando County voter, I feel that all candidates need to let voters know what they're all about and not just once at meet-and-greet and then that's it until November. Now, I am Democrat and I like to see campaign information, because a well-informed public makes better choices.

David Philipsen, Weeki Wachee

Thanks for kind dinner gesture

At 5:30 p.m. Thursday, June 14, my wife and I were having dinner at the Steak and Shake in Spring Hill. Our server came over and told us our check had been taken care of by the gentleman going out the door.

We have no idea who he is and no idea why he did what he did, but it certainly was appreciated. My wife says it could have been because I was wearing my Navy veteran's shirt.

We want to thank him for his generosity, thoughtfulness and his Christian giving.

Paul Settle, Spring Hill

Real men choose to be real parents

In 1972, when President Richard Nixon made official the third Sunday in June as Father's Day, I suspect it was his intent to honor and promote the responsibility of fatherhood. But, sadly, the research indicates it is not working. President Bill Clinton, in 1994, attempted to promote "Parents Day," but it did not catch on. It is unfortunate because there is a drastic difference between fathers and parents.

In the United States, 41 percent of our children, percentages vary by race, are born to unwed mothers. These children are created by fathers, but lack a parent. These mothers, if they send Father's Day cards will most likely address them, "To whom it may concern," and research indicates it is concerning fewer and fewer men each year.

Parenting is a conscious decision that you will love, care for, and support one of God's most precious gifts: a child. These 41 percent of our children of unwed mothers, from these so called fathers, end up as 90 percent of the homeless, 85 percent of the behavioral disorders, 80 percent of the rapists, 75 percent of the high school drop outs, 71 percent of children involved in chemical abuse and 63 percent of the suicides. Because of fathers responsible for these children, Sunday is a day of mourning.

Those men who are loving, caring and supporting your children, take special pride not in your fatherhood, but your parenthood. Fatherhood is a short-lived, physical act with little or no responsibility. Parenthood is a lifelong commitment, one to which only real men can commit.

Michael G. Rom, Ph.D., Dade City

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Salary cuts for commissioners could fund other needs 06/16/12 [Last modified: Saturday, June 16, 2012 10:05am]
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