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School Board must increase its involvement and earn its keep

School Board must earn its keep

The Hernando School Board needs to take a hard look at itself. The members are a paid board who should also be accountable.

There is no excuse for not knowing what is going on at the school level. Board members don't visit schools or classrooms unless invited. Board members don't talk to staff unless approached first. Board members don't survey the teaching staff for fear of what they will find out. The 49 percent grade for an F has been around in elementary schools for years. Wake up, people, and earn the money paid you.

Tom Barnicle, Brooksville

Parents should repay schools

I would like to address the issue of out-of-county students in the magnet schools. I can see where a Spring Hill mailing address could slip buy whoever admitted these students. The parents of these students surely knew they lived in Pasco County.

These students have taken seats from students that live in Hernando County. I suggest the parents of these students reimburse Hernando County schools the full fee that it costs us to educate them. If they want to continue attending these schools they can continue to pay. This is hard on the students that will be seniors this fall, but it was the parents who enrolled them.

Next issue is the school superintendent. I feel the School Board missed the boat a couple years back when they could have hired a former superintendent from Fayette County, Ga. This man had done a great job with the school system there, making it one of the better school systems in the state. Georgia does have some very good school systems. If he is still available, our School Board should talk to him again.

Roger Trautner, Brooksville

County heartless in low-bid debacle

A low bidder made a mistake and now wants out of a bid. Our wonderful county leaders should go on to the second lowest bid and be happy its still way under the engineer's estimate.

But, no. That's not good enough, they want to put the small business owner out of business by not letting him out of the bid.

If he isn't let out of the bid his choices are trying to do the work for $500,000 less than it's worth and go bankrupt or he can refuse to do the work and be in default.

In either case, the county will look to the bonding company for up to $274,412 which will sooner or later come out of the small businessman's pocket and then he goes bankrupt.

What a wonderful world we live in. Stick it to the little guy and smile while doing it.

Donald Montgomery, Brooksville

Red light cameras victimize drivers

The red light cameras in Brooksville may be bringing in lots of revenue, but are they fair to the local motorist who all too often fails to clear the intersection by either driving too slowly or to traffic conditions that catch him on camera? Also, a $125 fine is excessive in my opinion.

The expression "red light runners" is misused in many of these situations and often it is just someone who is victimized by these speedy red lights. My solution is to avoid the area and shop where $125 may not be added to your bill.

James Caputo, Spring Hill

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School Board must increase its involvement and earn its keep 08/16/09 [Last modified: Sunday, August 16, 2009 4:30am]
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