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School's inhaler ban bad for child's health

Inhaler ban bad for child's health

Our 11-year-old daughter is starting middle school next week. We were told she would not be able to keep her inhaler with her for her asthma. My wife pointed out that in elementary school in Pasco County, we supplied the school with a doctor's note stating that she needs to keep her rescue inhaler on her at all times. Again, we were told "no" and we were also told that she would be suspended if she was caught using her inhaler.

The nurse said that if she needed the inhaler, she would be there in less than 50 seconds. The school said they cannot allow her to have the inhaler because another child could get their hands on it. If that happens and the child gets sick or dies the school does not want to be held responsible.

I find this very unacceptable. Let's say my child needs her inhaler and the nurse is helping another child. She cannot be in two places at once. (With over 1,000 children in the school, this scenario is quite likely). What if the nurse is out sick herself and they have a fill-in, what happens then?

What if there is a child with a heart problem and that child needs to keep nitroglycerin tablets for angina? Why should good families with good kids have to suffer for others? There has to be a compromise.

Let's hope my daughter does not get sick on the bus on her way home. How many "50 seconds" will it take to get to her?

Jim Colucci, Port Richey

Move to stop CVS liquor sales right

I want to thank the Pasco County commissioners who voted unanimously against alcohol sales at the new CVS store at Mansfield Boulevard and County Line Road in Meadow Pointe.

An added thanks to Meadow Point 2 CCD vice chairman Jim Bovis for attending the meeting and voicing our concerns.

Raymond Kibosh, Wesley Chapel

State Farm rate hike unnecessary

State Farm's recent request for a 91 percent rate increase is obscene. The company says its funds are low. State Farm is a national company and I'm sure every state is not losing money. Texas has been hit more times than Florida, why have we not heard of a 91 percent increase request there?

We have had little problems with storms the past two years. With State Farm investing the billion in premiums it receives, it seems hard to believe it needs this kind of increase.

Florida is becoming unlivable. Gone are the dreams of retiring on the water here. A sign should be put at the border: Families and retirees, turn around, you can't afford it. The Sunshine State is turning into the sell-and-get-out-of-this-mess-as-soon-as-you-can state.

Joseph Kuhn, New Port Richey

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