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Sen. Fasano should be commended for showing independence

Fasano shows his independence

"I think therefore I am.'' Written by Descartes, it is an idea apparently embraced by Florida Sen. Mike Fasano.

Fasano speaks truth in an effort to reach the populace rather than just the isolated lock step crowd. To be found guilty of individual thought seems to be a death sentence among the lock step crowd and it seems that the good senator has been tried and convicted. He is guilty of individual thought, guilty of violation of the loyalty oath. Wasn't there some other political party back in the 1930s or something that had some sort of loyalty oath?

Sen. Fasano has worked for the people of Florida, without regard to party affiliation, for his entire career. He has thoughtfully and without bias worked on behalf of all of us. I have disagreed many times with the senator but the senator has always answered my concerns and defended his decisions without talking points.

Sen. Fasano has never had to wear a three-point hat or an ankle holster while receiving communion just to make a point. Sen. Fasano understands that he works for the people and he also understands that he took an oath, not to a political party, but to the Constitution.

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

Always think of the constituents

Here is what is needed by more politicians of all parties. They should state:

"The bottom line is I'm going to support any candidate I believe will do the best job for the constituents."

Curtis Zeigler, Land O'Lakes

Officers need to show compassion

I am a 22-year police veteran and had two recent experiences of coming across motor vehicle accidents with serious bodily injury. On both occasions, I have witnessed the responding police officers not providing first aid to the injured victims; in fact, they ignored the victims, until paramedics arrived.

Most recently in Pasco County on May 15 at U.S. 19 and Marine Parkway. A man walking across U.S. 19 was struck by a car and was lying on the ground with severe visible injuries and in extreme pain. Four officers from three agencies, New Port Richey, Pasco Sheriff and the Florida Highway Patrol, were on scene, walking around, drinking from their bottled water, and not speaking to the injured person. They were not directing traffic or tending to onlookers, but were avoiding their responsibilities as first responder.

Paramedics arrived in 10 minutes, but not once did any officer bend down and offer some comforting words to the man. Instead, a young lady tended to his injuries, while the officers told her that the paramedics were en route. The injuries were so severe and grotesque that no lay person should be allowed to witness it when you have trained police officers on scene to do the job.

These officers should be reprimanded for the lack of professional care that they gave to the victim. In my career, I have tended to victims, knowing that there was not much I could do, due to the severity of injuries and my limited training as a first responder, but at least, I would offer words of comfort, hold the person's hand, and stay with him until he got the proper treatment. These officers acted inappropriate and treated the man as if he were a dog on the side of the road. I wish I would have had a camera to post images of this irresponsible behavior online so everyone could see the lack of care that was given by our own officers. I am ashamed.

Al Faria, Hudson

Re: Panhandlers

Too many just want cheap labor

Don't blame your county commissioners. Blame but your local business community for not hiring American citizens. What you see in the street is just the tip of the iceberg of what my wife and I see at the church food banks.

We see Americans jobless because local employers are seeking out cheap labor. Illegal aliens and the guest worker program have destroyed this county and state including my own loss of employment. Now, I have been a business owner for 10 years, and have had no problem finding American citizens who want to work. The panhandling problem is going to become epidemic because we don't take care of our own due to greed.

Our own people are living like they were in a Third World country. How long will we preserve as long as everything is fast, cheap and easy.

William Oehlecker, New Port Richey

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