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Sen. Fasano shows respect for the Constitution

Fasano respects the Constitution

"I got elected by my constituents,'' said state Sen. Mike Fasano in the Nov. 23 article With shift, Fasano is maverick. What a very novel idea for a politician: Acknowledge the voter. Like the acknowledgment Sen. Fasano has given to the victims of crimes, to seniors, to the poor, to the very constituents that are invisible to the power brokers who sit in high places.

Our Constitution was established to give a voice to the people and Sen. Fasano has always respected the heart of the Constitution. Now, Sen. Fasano is poised to stand alone to keep the heart of the Constitution beating as those who would stab her heart to demand party loyalty. It takes character and it takes integrity to stand alone in defense of people and the Constitution against the camouflage of loyalty. It takes courage to stand with truth rather than bed with the tinsel paper-wrapped lies of the deluded.

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

Public interest comes before special interest | Nov. 21 editorial

Times shows hypocrisy on Cox

Apparently the Times is out to bash Mr. Wilson with its slanted views ever since he defeated their favorite Pasco son, Michael Cox. How sad and pathetic you are. Your editorial on public versus special interests shows such grand scale hypocrisy to how business was run in Pasco County previously. You turned your back on the ways of previous commissioner's special interest pandering, yet your manufactured notion referenced in this editorial is a major focus.

County residents and taxpayers didn't want this tax to begin with and the previous board passed it anyway. The will of the people was ignored. Ted Schrader's and Pat Mulieri's constituents won't feel the effects, but Wilson's and Mariano's will. So who cares about who here? And all of this drama over less than $15,000 in revenue while the parking fees could cause problems to the business owners at Hudson Beach?

And to reference a campaign contribution to create the illusion of Mr. Wilson being a special-interest supporter. Really? You think Mr. Wilson can be bought for $250? Are you that short-sighted or is it the Times who is that cheap and can be bought for $250?

Think about your editorials before you show your true colors! We know you're eating a large amount of crow since Wilson knocked Cox off the commission, but you don't have to be so obvious when licking your wounds.

Chris Minaca, Land O'Lakes

Let's examine Cox's donations

The Pasco Times looked at the $250 donation from the only business that donated to Henry Wilson. Michael Cox received about 200 special interest donations to his re-election campaign that amounted to about $88,000.

During Cox's term, did any of his proposals favor them?

Richard Golden, San Antonio

A crime occurred in baby's death

I was very surprised to read no one will be charged in the death of a 1-week-old baby who was brutally killed by the family's pit bull. While I'm sure the mother is distraught and remorseful, there clearly was negligence involved if what I have read in your article is true.

Sure, it was an accident. Nobody intended for a baby to die. But mom sleeps until noon? What mother of a 1-week-old baby gets to sleep until noon unless she's wealthy enough to employ a nanny or has someone else from the family helping to take care of the baby? I don't think they were wealthy, with 10 people living in a mobile home with three dogs. A 1-week-old baby likes to eat every few hours. Even if there were no aggressive breed dogs in the home, she would have been negligent in her care of this poor, defenseless child.

If someone gets drunk and drives their car over a pedestrian, that would be an accident too. However an accident that results in the death of someone and is caused by the negligence of another is a crime. I am hard pressed to see the difference in this case.

John Krevens, New Port Richey

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