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Sen. Mike Fasano should follow conscience if he wants to support Gov. Charlie Crist

Fasano should follow conscience

It seems to me that the Pasco GOP (in particular Bill Bunting) has chosen to escalate the problems within the Republican Party by insisting that Sen. Mike Fasano buckle under the party's demands by insisting he follow the line by supporting the Republican candidate(s), whoever he/she may be, even though their philosophy is errant or not conducive to the ethical behavior of Sen. Fasano.

When I first cane to Florida more than 25 years ago, I attended a meeting of the Democratic Party and was told that I would have to sign a pledge form stating I would vote for and support the Democratic candidates in an election. I refused to do this and was then told I couldn't attend the meeting, so I left. Since then, I have chosen to join the Republican Party so I could vote for a man running for lieutenant governor in a primary and then I switched back to the Democrats because of some problems I had with some of the leaders of the GOP.

Since I have been a Democrat, I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats running in the same election and have chaired a committee for a Republican running for mayor and will continue to do so depending on who I feel will be the best person to serve me while I am here in Florida. Sen. Fasano's ideas as to who he feels will be best for Florida (Charlie Crist) is applaudable and should be understood by all people who are for what they think is an ethical choice.

How can anyone support a person they do not feel is in the best interest of their state and sit idly by while a party dictates support to a person they do not feel will work with the persons who are elected by the people? I will vote for and support Crist because I feel that he will be the best choice for U.S. senator.

Thank you, Sen. Fasano, for following the dictates of your conscience and ethical reasoning. We are not a nation of sheep.

Allen F. Plunkett Jr., Tarpon Springs

Try new tack for hot dog vendor

Regarding the woman who has been issued a cease and desist order by the county, thereby threatening to shut down her hot dog stand, I have a solution: The county should relabel her from hot dog vendor to "developer of hot dogs." As a developer she would likely not only be able to keep her stand but would also be encouraged to produce even more hot dog stands.

Of course, in order to pass permitting, some of these stands would have to be wheeled into environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands, and others would have to bisect bear habitats. But as a developer she would no longer be in violation of zoning regulations; she would simply be another Pasco County developer conducting business as usual.

Richard Downing, Hudson

Big government, but necessary | May 21 guest column

Nation is heading on perilous path

It is axiomatic that big government, by its nature, eclipses and abrogates the constitutionally vested rights of its citizens. It is well documented in history that big government is characterized by central planning, draconian legislation and tyrannical enforcement.

It is equally correct that the average American is not interested in surrendering or selling his or her rights to the Washington politicians whose primary interest is the enhancement of their own selfish power and control.

If one wishes to place his or her trust in big government, there are several choices available, the most notable of which are exemplified by: (1) the corporate state of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy in the 1930s-1940s; (2) the socialist regimes of the European continent in such countries as modern-day Greece; and (3) the Marxist culture of Stalinist Russia and Maoist China.

There are other examples throughout history, but anyone determined to confront reality, rather than indulging in utopian fancy, will readily observe that the legislative measures being foisted upon us by the Washington politicians are designed to aim us on a trajectory where the tyranny of big government will be the order of the day.

Although I am not a member of the tea party movement, I did observe the April 15, 2009, meeting at Orange Lake. The people I observed there were the salt of the Earth and are productive members of our society. I didn't see anyone there who was demanding a government handout or who was threatening violence, civil disruption, or economic boycotts against a state, such as Arizona, which has been compelled to take steps to enforce the immigration laws because the federal government in dereliction of its duty has refused to do so in order to score political points.

The citizens people at the tea party meeting were profoundly concerned about profligate spending practices by big government, the unsustainable public indebtedness, the abridgment of their rights by the Washington politicians, and the confiscatory taxation that will be forthcoming to service all the debt which, if left unchecked, is destined to destroy this country as we have known it.

Jack B. McPherson, New Port Richey

Sen. Mike Fasano should follow conscience if he wants to support Gov. Charlie Crist 05/25/10 [Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 4:47pm]
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