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Set things right in Hernando County by going to polls

Set things right by going to polls

We are a republic, not a democracy. We vote for someone to represent us, to act in a manner that represents our philosophy by executing the laws that have been developed to keep citizens safe and to maintain our neighborhoods at a decent level.

It never ceases to amaze me that during their term, our request for assistance from our commissioners regarding code enforcement and law enforcement falls on deaf ears. Now, at election time we are asked to re-elect the same representatives, to continue down the path of destruction they have created.

Now is the time for voters to remove the incumbents, replaced with representatives who will listen to their constituents and enforce the statutory responsibilities they have sworn to uphold.

The politically ignorant decisions that are made in federal, state and local government have to come to an end. If they refuse to make Hernando County a desirable place to live, let the voter do it. Remember to vote.

Stephen DeGrotto, Spring Hill

Donations influence Rocco's reversal | Sept. 5 Dan DeWitt column

Stand up against urban sprawl

It is sad but true that we the people of Hernando County are no longer represented on the Hernando County Commission. Our commissioners represent those special interests who can pay for votes through campaign contributions. This does not apply to one political party as you can see. Both parties are subject to manipulation by special interests. We put our trust in individuals we elect to carry out the will of the people. In Hernando County the decks are stacked against us. Money talks louder than the will of the people.

Amendment 4 should be on everyone's mind Nov. 2. Supporting Amendment 4 will take away the control these special interests have over our Hernando County commissioners. It will put the power in the hands of every voter to decide where and how many developments and homes are to be built in Hernando County in the future. You the voter will make that decision, not the developers and builders who pull the strings of the county commissioners.

Amendment 4 is more than a development issue, it is an environmental issue. We need to preserve our natural resources such as water, our natural preserves and environmentally protected lands. If we do not take a stand now, we will experience the buildout seen in many Northern cities. Take a stand, support Amendment 4.

Vito J. Delgorio Sr., Spring Hill

Reckless action is a wakeup call

What the Hernando County Commissioners actually signed off on were major changes to Hernando County's comprehensive growth plan, and seriously adding to urban sprawl. I see Brooksville Quarry LLC representatives changed urban sprawl to "new town" — how clever. I understand the right-wing majority of commissioners are just serving their masters, Brooksville Quarry and developers.

Commissioner Rose Rocco's "yes'' vote was a surprise; she must be concerned about the developers' influence in the November elections. David Russell's "no'' vote was not explained in the article. Is it possible we have a confident and independent thinker?

If there was ever a wakeup call for Florida and Hernando County citizens, Hernando County commissioners' reckless disregard for the comprehensive growth plan and promotion of urban sprawl would be it. If you are seriously concerned about urban sprawl, too much developer influence and future generations, vote "yes'' for Amendment 4 in November. This will give the citizens and taxpayers an opportunity to reverse reckless modifications to the comprehensive land and growth plan made by their elected officials who may or may not be in bed with developers.

The good old boy network is alive and well in Hernando County, and their influence is primarily spread by way of the Hernando Republican Party, whose leadership just happens to be in the hands of Blaise Ingoglia, a developer.

Ken Lang, Spring Hill

Avoid tickets by leaving earlier

One can tell school is back in session by the number of cars on the road speeding to and fro; by the traffic mess at certain times of the day; by counting the number of cars pulled over for ticketing; and by the children standing in the dark while all this is taking place.

Rhetorically, is that how bad being a few minutes late can be? Is it fear of losing one's job? Leave earlier.

Robert Melaccio Sr., Spring Hill

Fire district mistreats public Aug. 29 letter

Firefighters' good work overlooked

The letter writer spoke of Spring Hill Fire Rescue Chief Mike Rampino as a person with a lack of knowledge on how the public should be treated. I have attended some of the Fire Commission meetings, where a few of the critics get to the podium and make insulting and rude comments that clearly show pure ignorance. The chief displays total self-control and professionalism. He treats the public extremely well. I have never heard a comment come from the chief when faced with these comments.

I quit going to the meetings because I have to fight the urge to respond on his behalf, but I will not stoop to that level.

Last I checked, our firefighters are residents and taxpayers in this county. I know they appreciate the support of the majority of citizens of Spring Hill. I think it is a disgrace that a small group of citizens never see the good they do nor the quality of this department. I have been a resident of this county for 35 years, and I am extremely proud of the men and women who serve us.

Maryrose Lord, Spring Hill

Set things right in Hernando County by going to polls

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