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Sheriff has misled us all these years

Take-home cruisers parked April 17, story

Sheriff has misled us all these years

I gather from the article that Sheriff Bob White will use the 50 vehicles for his employees only when times are good and money is flowing in from us taxpayers. To pay for their gas is ludicrous.

Obviously, the sheriff is abusing his office, i.e., consultants and for whatever else has not been caught.

All these years he's been misleading us by stating: "I need more funds for more deputies." Wonder why he never mentioned: "I need more money for all the perks we dole out."

Bob Clark, Port Richey

Take-home cruisers parked April 17, story

Deputies should live in the county

Unless my memory fails me, when I worked for Sheriff Basil Gains in the early 1970s you had to live in Pasco County. You were paid by the citizens of Pasco so you had to live in Pasco and spend your money for the most part in Pasco.

Joseph R. Skelton, Holiday

Let 'progress' occur elsewhere

Progress Energy is considering a western corridor through Pasco County and my subdivision of Briar Patch Village along with Trinity West and Nature's Hideaway.

I would like to register my objections to Progress Energy considering any part of my subdivision, Briar Patch Village, for inclusion in their proposed new high-voltage lines. I am retired after teaching in Pinellas County schools for 35 years and live on a fixed income. Relocation would be very costly to me. I cannot afford to move.

If only part of my subdivision is taken, the increased prorated homeowners' dues would be a great financial burden. I would not be able to purchase or finance a comparable home.

I am concerned about health hazards with power lines and the environmental impact on the wetlands that surround our homes .

Sherry Stang, New Port Richey

Put new schools on fast track first

As parents of two children who have been in the school system in Land O'Lakes for a combined 16 years, we have only high praise for all of the heart and incredible hard work that the teachers, staff and bus transportation people of Pasco County do for our children. What a beautiful group of people who can unfortunately never be paid the wages they truly deserve. We thank them all sincerely.

On a contrasting note, we would like to bring attention to the sad fact that although Sanders Memorial Elementary School was finally relieved by the opening of Oakstead Elementary in 2006, we are now being notified that Oakstead's proud fourth- and fifth-grade classes of 2008-09 will be exiled to the outdated portable classrooms that are being set up on the beautiful playground behind the school. What a travesty.

We are not critical of our school system. It is fighting to do all it can with the funds available. But maybe instead of worrying about when the next new mall will open, we should insist that our children have the right to learn in real classrooms. Let's take a look at our true priorities.

Oakstead's brand new school is not getting a couple of portable classrooms to ease crowding. It could get about two dozen units, or the equivalent of another elementary school, dropped onto the playground.

There are thousands of acres of vacant land still surrounding the remaining rural acres of Land O'Lakes and the current Charles Rushe Middle and Sunlake High schools. Most of the land has been designated for more houses, but considering our current market, are there possibly some developers out there who would sell some property to the School Board at an affordable price so some new schools could be put on the same fast track as the malls?

Debbie and Edward Moore, Land O'Lakes

Trip to hospital was a real pain | April 9, guest column

True emergencies best use of ER

Emergency means "an unexpected situation or sudden occurrence of a serious nature that demands immediate attention," according to the second edition of the American Heritage Dictionary.

I was taught that going to the emergency room meant something was seriously wrong, or you were in an accident, or when you notified your physician of a problem you were directed to go immediately to the closest ER. Now that I am retired I serve as a volunteer at a local hospital and I work in the triage/ER area. The nurses I work with are very well-trained and skilled in evaluating every situation.

There are times when you arrive at the ER that you are seen immediately and other times when it takes longer. Many factors are at work when one has to wait to be seen. Patients, for example, who arrive with serious problems such as chest pains, breathing difficulties, stroke symptoms, car accidents or lacerations will be seen quickly.

A snag in the system is that many people treat the ER like a walk-in clinic, dropping in for any type of problem. Examples of these would be toothaches, prescription renewals, running a low-grade fever for two days or coughing, as well as myriad other things.

Most everyone who enters the triage/ER area suffers from some level of anxiety; that is understood. No matter how minor or big the problem is, the triage staff attends to everyone in the same manner. To evaluate each patient individually takes a certain number of minutes per patient. The nurses treat all in the same manner; that is the nurses' job and they are there for you!

Patients should have patience and an ER must be used as intended, "for an occurrence of a serious and urgent nature."

Athena Cone, Hudson

Volunteers are gems, vendor says

I had occasion to attend the recent Chasco Fiesta and enjoyed it very much.

I talked to one of the vendors from Tennessee who sold silver jewelry and she commented that she does over 45 shows a year throughout the United States. She said New Port Richey had one of the best networks of volunteers that she has ever seen. She was truly impressed with the cooperation and enthusiasm of everyone associated with making the event a success.

All of those involved should know their hard work does not go unnoticed.

Doris H. Genther,
New Port Richey

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