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Sims Park playground is a great example of community spirit

Re: Super Playground Nov. 21

Park highlights community spirit

Thank you, Bill Stevens, for bringing back a bit of the community spirit that created a treasure for our community — the Super Playground in Sims Park.

My wife, Judy, and I were pleased to be a part of those days, and even some of the planning that went before it. We managed to raise over $1,200 in donations and spearheaded a child fingerprint session as part of the occasion. I even got to work alongside Bill Stevens during one of those days.

Later, I used that wonderful spirit as part of an application for New Port Richey for an All-American City award, a designation recognizing broad community involvement. Of the three instances that were required as part of the award application, the Super Playground was the only one that fully met the judges' criteria, getting a lot of positive feedback. So, it was a worthwhile effort back in 1990 and continues to be a treasure for our community today.

Ted Thomas, New Port Richey

Pair's kindness very appreciated

I want to thank two angels who came to my rescue. I was in the parking lot at Mitchell Ranch Plaza. I opened my car door, and it clipped my shin, causing a huge gash that proceeded to bleed profusely. I was trying frantically to stop the bleeding when Bob and Delores Heyer stopped to help. They were on their way to an appointment but showed tremendous kindness by stopping while others blew their horns because traffic was being blocked.

Delores drove me in my car to North Bay Hospital's emergency room; Bob met us at the hospital. They even stayed until I was taken back to the triage room. Bob and Delores are angels. They didn't have to stop, but they did, and their kindness means the world to me. They helped restore my faith in humanity; there are genuinely nice people out there, willing to do whatever they can to help a stranger.

Jan McManus, Hudson

Bike path would improve safety

Government recently spent a considerable amount of taxpayers' money on a bike path from Congress Street to Starkey Boulevard. This wonderful gesture is a little-used route with no major housing projects along the way. On the other hand, those of us (and we are talking about at least 10 communities) who live on the east side of the Starkey-DeCubellis junction have only a narrow, winding sidewalk if we wish to cycle/jog/walk to our super Starkey Park.

Since the county is laying a major underground pipe system on the route from the entrance to River Ridge Golf Club all the way up to the fore-mentioned junction, would it not be an ideal time to also provide us with a bike trail where the pipeline is being laid? We fully appreciate that money is in short supply at present and that there are many projects that are more deserving than ours. Please note there is no bike lane or sidewalk on the stretch of Ridge Road from Little Road to the junction with Moon Lake and DeCubellis. Bikers using this tract are at very high risk of a fatal accident.

Those of us who live on the south side of DeCubellis have to cross the road twice before we can get to Starkey Boulevard and the safety of the trail. So, please give some in-depth study to providing us with a much-needed facility.

Tam Syme, New Port Richey

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