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Smaller-sized government not always the best choice

Size of government is at issue for Spring Hill | C.T. Bowen column, Sept. 28

Small government not always good

I found your column concerning the size of government interesting. Smaller government is not always the best government. In Spring Hill, we have voted to spend more money on fire rescue service than the rest of the county. We have been supplied with a department that is very well-trained, supplied and staffed. I know the rest of the county needs to upgrade considerably to have comparable service. I also believe that the rest of the county would like Spring Hill to supply the upgrades.

We spent extra because we wanted more than the county wanted. I may not like my neighbor's new car, but I don't have to pay for it. Some people in the county have called the fire station on Spring Hill Boulevard the Taj Mahal. The point is they did not pay for the building or the supplies, the taxpayers of Spring Hill did. The fact is we got what we paid for, which resulted in a better insurance rating, decreasing our rates.

Mr. Bowen mentions the union as if it were bad in some way. The fact is when workers have job protections, living wages, benefits and dependable work rules, they can be more productive. Those conditions also attract more qualified applicants to fill positions and allow the district to be more particular as to who they hire.

They county does not have a good record on how they treat their employees. They definitely discourage worker rights, fair pay, benefits and unions. Mr. Bowen does not know if stations will be shuttered, or who will be displaced. He also does not know how the more trained rescue workers of Spring Hill would be shuffled around the county or if services would be altered.

Whenever I call the rescue service to respond to an emergency, especially if it is a friend or a loved one, I want the very best available to respond. I understand that the people of the county are happy with the service they have and are not willing to pay more for service. So let them have their own service. I am ready to continue to pay what we have been paying in Spring Hill and continue our own high level of service.

Robert Lambert, Spring Hill,

We can't toss them out and start over

I am appalled at the apparent ignorance and stupidity of some of our county's electorate.

In the past week, I have heard the following comments from a retailer, a service provider and a neighbor.

"I've talked to all of them (county commissioners) and not a one of them has ever done anything for me. Kick 'em all out!"

Well, pal, maybe you just didn't make your case properly and/or weren't really listening to what she/he was telling you. I would like to see you basing your backing on a commissioner's overall track record, not just on your own self-serving interests.

"Get rid of all of them. It's time for a change!"

That kind of superficial lumping together of all commissioners displays a very large ignorance to me. Each one should be judged independently on his or her own track record. Your attitude makes me question my own intelligence in continuing to use you as a service provider.

"I'm not voting for any of them (incumbent commissioners). They've all been in office long enough!"

To base your decision on an elected official's longevity in office rather than her/his track record is a terribly shallow approach. To follow that line of reasoning means throwing out the baby with the bath water and really makes me question this person's intelligence.

Please use some common sense and judge each candidate, whether incumbent or not, on his/her own credentials and prior credibility. The clean slate mentality is childish, superficial and potentially very dangerous!

Bill Cope, Pine Island

Police target prostitution hub in Brooksville | Sept. 29, story

Why did official wait so long?

City Council member Lara Bradburn said she knew about the prostitution hub in Brooksville for many years.

Why didn't this council member do something about it sooner?

Eddie Schuster, Spring Hill

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