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Some other party, not mine, required loyalty oaths

Re: Politics behind the badge Aug. 7 article

Some other party had a loyalty oath

I am old and perhaps I cannot read the small print on the cruisers that follows the "protect and serve" logo. I had thought that "protect and serve'' was meant to include the entire community without bias or malice.

The article included excerpts given by former Sheriff Bob White. I was confused by his statement that being on his (White's) command staff meant "complete and total loyalty." There was also mention in the article that mediation tended to favor the employees. That might be true, I have no idea, but I do have a question. Outside counsel Rep. Richard Corcoran stated that now employees "rarely fight anymore" after being fired. Why? There is an old adage, "all politics is local." The safety of a community should not be political nor should fairness, justice or equality be the result of politics.

I am an American. I have a Constitution, I believe it was some other government that had a loyalty oath.

Peno Hardesty, New Port Richey

Our new sheriff is just a politician

Bob White was the quintessential politician and racked up favors and IOU's throughout his tenure. Even as he completed his 10th year in order to guarantee his pension would be maxed out, he couldn't just ride off into the sunset. Nope, he had to continue his legacy and continue to muddy the waters of the Sheriff's Office with his handpicked buddies.

It appears to me as though we have been afforded another politician as sheriff. Our newest sheriff is doing all of the same things to set himself in a positive light — returning money to the county, joining all of the key community groups, making appearances, etc.

What happened to experience, time in service, and a proven track record within the job you are applying for? Apparently, in today's world all of that means nothing in comparison to favors and cronyism. Everyone defended the resume of our new sheriff, and here is the proof in this article. Where is the experience? Where is the proven track record? Where has he been for any period of time where he put in his time and earned his promotions? Where did he ever manage an $80 million budget? The answer is, he didn't. He got just enough under his belt to be considered as having law enforcement experience, because it looks to me as though he has more experience as a campaign worker than a law enforcement officer.

Bob White fired people for not supporting his campaign, let him spin it anyway he wants, that's what he did. And our new sheriff comes from the same mold; he just knows he has to wait to see if he is elected next year before he starts playing his games. One of his tough decisions is to tell the deputies that it is their choice which uniform they want to wear on any given day? Really? While you are trying to make friends, how does that portray a uniformed agency?

There were no qualified individuals within the agency to promote? We need to wake up as a county and correct this problem in the next election. Good for those that were wronged in the lawsuit; however, there were many more than that who felt the wrath of the Bob White machine.

Christopher Cooley, Hudson

This "gift" had strings attached

I was recently informed that a so-called gift was given to the West Pasco Historical Society in exchange for naming the building after the giver. In the bylaws of the West Pasco Historical Society, it states the society "preserves and promotes the history of the west Pasco coast and Florida."

Alex Acey donated the building that houses the West Pasco Historical Society Museum and Library. Julie Obenreder organized the historical society, worked many years to restore the building, and collected the true history of this area. So many people have worked for years and years, sometimes spending their own money to complete projects for the museum.

Monetary gifts to support the historical work of the society are always appreciated. I always thought a gift was a gift and the giver doesn't expect anything in return. Since through the years many dedicated people contributed hard work and sweat besides continued financial support, naming this historical building after one person is not acceptable to me.

I was informed that plans were in the process to name the library for Julie Obenreder. Since the library was previously named after longtime museum librarian Jessie Hyde, it seems this giver and the West Pasco Historical Society are attempting to rewrite local history.

Frances Clark Mallett, Port Richey

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