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Something must be done about nasty Aloha water

Disgusting Aloha water has to go

I have been living in the Trinity area for over five years and never has my Aloha water been so nasty as it has been for the last few months.

This black sludge they are calling water isn't fit to wash your feet with, let alone drink. And the smell is atrocious, to say the least.

Has Aloha abandoned all responsibility for providing usable water now that Pasco County is buying the utility company? Or are they using this nasty, foul-smelling garbage to blackmail Pasco residents and hold them up for more money? This problem is past the point of ridiculous. Something has to be done now!

Bruce Johnson, New Port Richey

Home rescue plan is changed | Nov. 6 article

Redevelopment money, go to work

Yay, George Romagnoli! Redevelopment is the best use for these funds and Mr. Romagnoli knows how to do it.

Nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity and CDC (Community Development Corp.) will do the work, sell the property and use the proceeds from their low interest mortgages to do more redevelopment.

This will keep the $19.5-million working long after the meltdown money is gone. If Pasco County had Community Redevelopment Areas, county matching grants could also boost the buying power of these funds. Their effect on the local economy and jobs would be exponentially increased.

Yes we can, Pasco.

Ginny Miller, New Port Richey

Look for Obama voter remorse

I'm going to make a prediction that before two years are up there will be millions of Obama voters wondering what in the world they were thinking. They might not admit it openly, but they will think it.

There is one good thing to come out of this election. The Libertarian Party has been energized to work harder than ever to try to retain as much liberty and freedom and rights under the Constitution as we can. We will be asking for your help.

Jon Kueny, New Port Richey

O'Neil victory a plus for all of us

Congratulations Clerk of the Court-elect Paula O'Neil! She is truly a remarkable woman who represents what is good and right in government. There is no one more deserving. Paula worked so hard.

What a testament to what is right in our crazy world!

Colleen Mackin, New Port Richey

Going the extra mile to do good

There is one very honest woman in Dade City and her name is Felicia Gooden.

She recently found two of my credit cards at Walgreens. I did not know I had dropped them. She tried many times to reach me, which was not easy because our telephone has been out of order.

On a fluke, last week, I picked up the phone to see if there was a dial tone and, somehow, she was on the line. We arranged to meet and she returned my cards. I offered a reward, but she would not take one.

Joyce Getts, Zephyrhills

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Something must be done about nasty Aloha water 11/06/08 [Last modified: Monday, November 10, 2008 1:28pm]
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