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South Pinellas letters: Greenlight is a good transit plan for all

Re: No real ridership for rail system | letter, July 18

Greenlight plan will help many

The letter writer who believes "building a rail line to anywhere is ludicrous" obviously never heard of the cross-continental railroad that connects people and goods from one coast to another and all points in between.

She refers to our "car culture" as the only option for residents of Pinellas County. Adding expanded bus service and local passenger rail creates more transit options and will help our community grow economically. Also, many young residents and those of low income cannot afford to own a car. These residents will be able to travel to school, work, job training and even a movie or a Rays game in a short time and at low cost if the Greenlight Pinellas transit plan passes. The plan will also reduce property taxes, which will benefit most of our residents.

Finally, our seniors and disabled residents will be helped by the plan. Most seniors live seven to 10 years beyond their ability to drive a car. They'll be able to easily travel throughout the county, which they presently cannot do. Also, the Greenlight Plan includes the DART program, which is a doorstep pickup for disabled residents, whether senior or not.

The Greenlight Plan is a good deal and a good deal more for all the residents of Pinellas County.

Frank Lupo, St. Petersburg

Re: Fiscal reality sets in on pier | July 17

Decision on pier looks farther away

Well, the folly continues. It has been almost a year since a group of obstructionists succeeded in getting 19 percent of registered voters to shoot down the Lens concept for the St. Pete pier. And, what has been accomplished since then? Virtually nothing.

A ton of meetings has taken place with public input. You don't even need to attend those meetings to know what's talked about. Fishing, dining, shopping, boating, etc. Everybody has their wants and we all know what they are. Will you ever get full agreement on any of them? Never!

Now, in this article, naysayers from last year are saying we need to "narrow the program activities" and "look for outside help." What in the world does that mean? Suddenly we need "outsiders" to help? And how long will it take to figure that out?

I don't think any of us want to be looking at the existing pier for another three, four, five years or even longer. But, based on what isn't happening right now, it looks like that's becoming more inevitable every day.

Scott Stewart, St. Petersburg

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