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South Pinellas letters: Pinellas doesn't have 'train culture'

No real ridership for rail system

Greenlight Pinellas is another ploy by a few politicians and businessmen to make money off the backs of the people of St. Petersburg. Building a rail line to anywhere is ludicrous. We are not a "train culture." We are a "car culture," and people will not give up their cars for a rail line, a bus line or trolley system. When we want to go, we want to go now, not wait for a bus, a train or a trolley.

In order to get to the train station, you need to take a bus or drive your car. So if you are in your car, you will go where you need to go, not get on a train. Who is going to stand at a bus stop or train station in 90-degree heat? Not very many people, especially the elderly, since the bus service is not good to begin with.

A one-penny sales tax does not mean anything to the politicians and businessmen who will make the money off this project. It means a great deal to those of us living on fixed incomes or working for minimum wage. We pay enough taxes as it is.

This is another idea like Tropicana Field, and look what that got us. The people of Pinellas will get nothing out of Greenlight Pinellas except another 25-50 years of being on the hook for a great deal money so a few individuals can line their pockets. I vote no, no, no and hope anyone with common sense will also vote no.

Sylvia Fies, St. Petersburg

Re: Pinellas Trail to include cameras | July 8

Cameras could generate funds

Excellent project and well- needed. Maybe the county will consider having the video feed accessible to the public by IP address so anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone could watch. This also opens the opportunity to generate funding revenue through advertisers or app sales. Getting the public involved cultivates interest, awareness and funds to keep the initiative strong.

Darryl David, St. Petersburg

Re: Memo touts generous severance offer | July 4

It's all about job satisfaction

No wonder the city of Madeira Beach is so successful. They have an impressive group of elected officials who jointly decided to attract an equally impressive and creative city manager. This combination of leadership is a great example of how government can and should work. Get the best caliber of leaders and staff and the end result is Madeira Beach: financially successful, citizen satisfaction at an all-time high, out-of-town visitors returning at even greater numbers and the envy of Pinellas County.

It is the right leadership decision to invite disgruntled employees to leave and find their happiness and job satisfaction elsewhere. Thank God it is still a free country where all people have the choice to attain job satisfaction and happiness wherever and whenever they decide to do so.

Peter Kreuziger, Dunedin

Change form of government

Having been involved with serving the people in an elective capacity for 45 years, 16 of those years as mayor (of Schenectaday, N.Y.), I felt duty-bound, in the best interest of the people who live in Madeira Beach, to document why I believe they should eliminate the city manager form of government.

First of all, with a population of 4,300, it is more practical to have a mayor form of government. Also, the people could not only save about $60,000 in salary, but also the people would be in a position to remove the mayor if they thought he or she was not doing the job as expected.

Paying an appointed city manager $124,000 per year to serve 4,300 people in Madeira Beach is truly a waste of money. Under an elected mayor form of government, not only will the people save money, but the people would be in a position to decide whether or not the mayor should remain in office.

Finally, I conclude by urging the people in Madeira Beach to put in place a referendum on the mayor form of government. As such, the majority of the people who live there can make the decision on the subject.

Frank J. Duci, Largo

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