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South Pinellas: YMCA improving financial stability

YWCA girls school in danger

April 13, story

YWCA improving financial stability

The YWCA of Tampa Bay is one of the most respected organizations in Pinellas County, providing comprehensive services to women, girls and families since 1919. Your article of April 13 spoke to the importance of such programs.

In the face of the upcoming cuts to social services funding, we must remember that girls can be especially vulnerable and need our combined support to take their places as educated, empowered and contributing members of our community. We partner with many other fine agencies to provide a wide variety of services that offer hope, dignity, justice and a chance for a better life to those who are willing to strive toward their goals.

During our '04-'05 fiscal year, the YWCA experienced a deficit of more than $300,000, but we took the necessary actions to start the process of financial recovery. Our past fiscal year showed that the actions we had taken had substantially improved our bottom line. To quote the words of our auditing firm, PDR Certified Accountants, for the fiscal year 2006-07: "… the excess of revenues over expenses in 2007 (on an accrual basis) was $296,836 and unrestricted net assets total $2.4-million — with $2,281,820 designated for the property and equipment and $136,905 unrestricted — an increase over the prior year of $19,000." Although our financial picture is brighter now than it has been at other times, we will continue to seek ways to improve it.

Like many agencies, businesses and homeowners, the YWCA has experienced ever-increasing costs. This, combined with shrinking funding, has produced challenges for us to continue to provide the quality services that directly affect the lives of those we serve. But we have continued to provide these services while facing financial challenges.

I believe that the YWCA has solid assets, and we will continue to provide services in Pinellas County for many years. I appreciate the support that we have received from this community for the work that we do and the mission of assisting women, girls and families.

Joyce Pritchett, acting executive director, YWCA of Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg

The whole-brain approach to art | April 6, story

A delightful read

I was delighted to read Paul Swider's article highlighting St. Pete Beach's resident artist and business woman, Nancy Markoe, accompanied by Lara Cerri's color portrait.

SOLV (Save Our Little Village) and CRG (Citizens for Responsible Growth) steal the headlines so much I was beginning to wonder if anyone was interested in the rest of us.

I know the conflicts need to be reported, but stories like this help build community, and it is my opinion that a sense of community is greatly needed on St. Pete Beach.

So thank you from this resident who is not a member of either group.

Marian Krauthamer, St. Pete Beach

Teaching manners and more and Outspoken teacher sees threat of job loss as punishment | April 13, stories

Treat teachers right

It's wonderful that Pinellas County Schools teach their students not to bully others.

If only we could get the administration to stop bullying the teachers and support staff.

Nancy Schubart, Treasure Island

City loses manners

My parents retired to St. Petersburg several years ago and have absolutely loved living in the city. We (their children) have enjoyed visiting them over the years, and we, too, have fallen in love with St. Pete.

In March, we all got together in St. Pete for a rare family reunion. As much as we delighted in visiting with each other and reconnecting, we delighted even more in visiting favorite restaurants and shops, participating in local community events and attractions, and being "wowed" at the growth and development of downtown.

The one disappointment we all noticed was the rudeness of the drivers. I have not been honked at so much since I last visited Manhattan! What happened? St. Pete residents have become rude.

St. Pete and its residents are too elegant and sophisticated to stoop to such rude levels. St. Pete and its citizens are like a sparkling little jewel shining along the west coast of Florida.

So what's with the beeping? What has made you all so impatient, rude and intolerant with visitors and each other? Enough with the honking. I am so disappointed in my last visit and the "ugly" side I saw of St. Pete's residents.

So please stop tooting your horns and rise to the occasion. Be the cultured, elegant, refined St. Pete that you really are.

If you do that, then I will gladly "toot your horn" as to what a wonderful city St. Pete is.

Yvette Lowry, Fayetteville, N.C.

Teaching manners and more by Donna Winchester and Ron Matus | April 13, story

Teach children well

Character education in classrooms has useful value to the extreme. Pupils should be permeated with positive principles. Character lifting will dissolve flaws and character defects. Such training will help form the spine of the upcoming generation's character.

Given the cesspool of immoral and illegal behavior in our society do we not need improved social betterment?

Kids must be taught that behavior should never be divorced from righteousness. Mature age can seldom do what has not been practiced in youth. As children think, so they act.

Kids need to be taught humane values. Instead of greed, how about generosity? Instead of envy, try a little charity. Instead of wrath, let's seek composure. Persistent value training in youngsters will surely lead to more ethical adults of the future.

Robert B. Fleming, St. Petersburg


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