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Spring Hill can no longer hide its economic problems

Spring Hill can't hide its problems

On the surface, Spring Hill seems like the wonderful retirement place and family environment that many who still have wealth love. Nice homes and cars, green lawns being serviced by paid help, golf courses well watered, and many with the ability to do whatever they want. Nothing wrong with that at all.

But I'm talking about the reality of Spring Hill that can be seen all over town. That secret and hidden society many don't like to mention. It is there, just not acknowledged. Yet as each day passes, it becomes harder and harder to ignore.

Just take a walk or a drive and you see it firsthand. Ignored by our leaders, our media types, those who have. It can be felt firsthand in the schools, the homes of families, the elderly and the young; yes, even the hospitals and government. Yes, see it live in the empty homes, the abandoned homes that lenders left to rot. See it in the destruction of families evicted. See it in the for-rent and for-sale signs. Yes, the fliers list values from the Realtors' listing, while the banks give a much lower value.

You really think your taxes will be lower next year? Yes, a community destroyed by fact, reality, truth.

To sum it all up for ordinary working people, no more than plain and simple false hopes and destruction. The facade of "help is on the way." Help for whom?

Credit is gone for the working guy, families; and credit is what moves this nation, In my opinion, only bankruptcy lawyers have a bright future.

Robert Melaccio Sr., Spring Hill

Paving lime roads should be priority | April 27, letter

Lime rock dust in air, and our lungs

The author writes about the health issues associated with fine particulate lime rock dust. Hernando County has a higher rate of lung problems, breathing allergies and cancer than any other county in the state, according to published reports.

It was said that if we want the roads paved, we have to pay for them. This, I feel, is not fair because we are being taxed at the same rate as Spring Hill and not receiving equal services. If you paved the roads in Royal Highlands, it will stimulate home sales and therefore raise the tax base for years to come. I personally paid impact fees for what? No paved roads, no city water or sewer and no parks.

I want my money back if you are not going to use it. I did not receive a break on my taxes or impact fees for an unpaved road. The real kicker is all the money the county pays for lime rock, trucks, equipment and manpower just to maintain the roads on a regular basis. I bet if you add up all of the costs associated with the maintenance, you could pave them and save money.

I invite all the county commissioners and readers to come to my house during the summer and enjoy a glass of lemonade in my driveway without gagging from the dust. Better yet, come take a look at the air filters in my home after two weeks. Two months ago we had to take our car to be repaired because lime rock dust clogged the fuel return system near the gas tank.

If it will clog a car's filter system, what is it doing to our lungs?

Robert Johnson, Weeki Wachee

Paving roads is a matter of health

As a lifelong resident of Hernando County and having lived on lime rock since the 1980s, I have something to say. We pay property taxes like everyone else. My road is near Spring Ridge, one of the cross roads where the SPCA is located.

We get an extreme amount of traffic down our road. We can no longer open our windows, hang out our clothes or even take a nice walk down the street. When a school bus or car goes down my road, it looks like a sheet of lime rock. When I dust, it is covered in lime rock the next day. Lime rock is dangerous to our health.

I personally signed a petition to get my road paved. Still nothing yet. I have friends who had petitions on their road paving and got shot down by the county because there was not enough support from all homeowners. Sunshine Grove Road is getting ready to be four lanes, and I am sure this will increase the traffic on my road and others. We need the county to care about our health and pave our roads. I am sure that others who live on lime rock will let their voices be heard.

Peggy O'Connor, Brooksville

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