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Spring Hill Fire District is unprofessional

Fire District is unprofessional

The latest allegations against members of the Spring Hill Fire District are indicative of a fire department with no leadership from the top. Some bad apples within the department know that they can misbehave with little or no consequences other than a potential slap on the wrist.

We now have allegations of fire department members having drunken visitors at the firehouse and other fire department members taking equipment to an off-site party. Neither of these allegations reflects well upon the district. At best you have off-duty firefighters behaving in an unprofessional manner on Fire District property. At worst you had the use of fire equipment off premises when it could be needed for a legitimate call. And what would be the ramifications if the equipment had been in an accident or a death resulted due to a delayed response time?

These allegations are in addition to the recent domestic abuse issue and the crashing of a fire vehicle into a citizen's home. There is a pattern of nonprofessional behavior.

This bad behavior is occurring when the Spring Hill Fire District is raising its millage to the legislatively capped 2.5 mills, an increase of 10.2 percent. Most other governmental entities were able to recognize that in a recession, raising the millage was not the way to treat the taxpayers.

The district alleges they will need money for equipment as it ends its useful life. If equipment is used for attending parties, driving to Publix on a daily basis and other non-call-related activities, it is no wonder that the life of the equipment cannot be extended.

The Fire District also is moving forward with leveling and rebuilding Station 2. Instead of being fiscally responsible and repairing and remodeling what is required, they need a brand-new facility.

It is no wonder that the citizens knew better than to grant the district taxing authority. Perhaps it's time to have another referendum to end independence and have Hernando County be the sole provider of fire and EMS services.

Anne Kraus-Keenan, Spring Hill

Re: Rude folks in park

Hernando Youth League not there

I would like to make a correction to a Sept. 9 letter referencing HYL games.

Hernando Youth League Inc. (HYL), which is a volunteer youth league organization in Hernando County since 1958, is not a user of Delta Woods Park as mentioned in the published letter. It is unfortunate the park user had a bad experience in the park, but I can assure everyone that in this instance, it was not an HYL event.

There are other youth league organizations in the county that are not affiliated with the HYL organization.

Mike Walker, president, Hernando Youth League Inc.

Editor's note: The West Hernando Cougars football team used Delta Woods Park on the date in question, according to the Hernando County Department of Parks and Recreation.

Re: Rude folks in park

Park is intended for kids, games

If you walk the park every day then it would be very different to what you are used to on the few Saturdays when the West Hernando Cougars hold their games. It is packed with children, parents and athletes taking the field on a given weekend. There are grandparents, aunts and uncles, moms and dads, and brothers and sisters. On these blessed Saturdays, Delta Woods provides the backdrop of what a community park was intended for, and that is bringing a community together.

There is no mention of the volunteer coaches who dedicate countless hours at home and on the field to these kids to help improve their lives and to keep them out of trouble. Not being paid, these coaches work hard day in and out, and yet hold the kids as the utmost importance. There were no words of the personal sacrifices made to allow the kids to play or to the parents paying money that would normally go to more simple things like trying to survive in this economy. This is one of those few things in life that bring strangers together, watching their kids play — all while escaping, for just a few hours, the hardships of today's world. Where strangers become friends, kids are allowed to be kids and parents hold their heads high with pride.

The writer passed off her assumptions as some type of fact that not only hurts a program designed to keep kids out of trouble, but it also undermines the intentions of community parks. It is a park complete with fields, playgrounds, trails, basketball courts and more. It was being used for the purpose for which it was built, and used by those who pay the taxes to build it.

May I make a friendly suggestion that the writer skip the couple of Saturdays a year where they hold events? But the best suggestion, however, that I can give, is to bring a chair and enjoy a game. Watch knowing those kids have worked hard all week just to play for a few moments on Saturday. Enjoy watching tomorrow's youth partake in something so pure and unselfish, and allow their commitment to the game and the parents' commitment to them come to fruition.

Daniel Blevins, Hernando Beach

Thief picked wrong store Sept. 1 article

Don't do what pharmacist did

This pharmacist is very stupid and very lucky. One's life and limb and the safety of his employees and customers are not worth some replaceable inventory. He also is setting up other pharmacies to be targets and the outcome may not be the same.

His store should have a security system recording 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pictures do well as a deterrent in court. The harm to him, a professional, and to others is not acceptable. I do hope his attorney and the local law enforcement officers give him a good speaking to about the facts of life.

I, as a pharmacist, hope I and other pharmacies are not the next target.

Dana Jackson, Spring Hill

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