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Spring Hill Fire District mistreats public

Fire district mistreats public

Sixty percent of the voters said "no'' to the Spring Hill Fire District's attempt to be authorized to levy taxes. There was so much false information distributed by the firefighters union and the voters didn't buy it.

They saw how the board of fire commissioners conducted themselves — they saw our fire chief act like a union leader as he demonstrated a lack of knowledge as to how board members and the public should be treated.

Recently, an out-of-control fire truck severely damaged the home of two elderly ladies. Did our fire chief visit the home and assure the ladies that the fire district would cover the cost of repairs? No. Some person suggested that the ladies contact their insurance company. This is a disgrace!

The next step is to have the "independent" district overturned in Tallahassee. Independence is not a good thing for our fire district.

Nick Morana, Spring Hill

Get set for more mudslinging

Now that the primary elections are over the candidates have until November to store up enough mud for the next campaign.

G.B. Leatherwood, Spring Hill

Sager shocked by margin of loss | Aug. 27 article

Delusional ideas don't win votes

After sitting through two speeches by congressional candidate Jason Sager I find it hard to believe Sager had no idea his Libertarian views to reduce the size and scope of the U.S. government to the size it was in 1776 were not hugely popular, even with conservatives.

His ideas were simply delusional and that's why he lost so big.

Art Hayhoe, Wesley Chapel

Rain or no rain? Be consistent

The Aug. 25 Hernando Times reported "Heavy rain, light voter turnout." Yet, on the same page, it reported rainfall of Hernando Beach (0.09), Spring Hill (0.12) and Brooksville (0.08). This was rainfall from 5 p.m. Monday to 5 p.m. Tuesday.

This means reported weather is wrong or the article about why the voter turnout was low is wrong. I don't believe you can have it both ways.

Amid all of the cuts and changes at your newspaper, the weather not matching the news may be a small point. But please, if you are going to report the news and weather, don't be wrong.

Capt. Larry Simpson, Hernando Beach

Thieves, dog's death hurt many

My son wanted me to get a gun to protect myself. When I came home with two dogs, my son called me on the phone and I told him I not only had one gun, but two. My new pistol dachshunds were named Smith and Wesson.

They quickly became the loves of my life. Smitty was insecure, and Wesson was a loyal brother who never let Smitty feel alone. The love these dogs give you is a blessing. But, with a six-day workweek, and long hours in the cage, I decided to give both of my loved ones to the Humane Society of the Nature Coast. Knowing the love and attention, and adoption process of the facility, I felt a loving home was in the making.

What can prepare your heart for the loss of a precious pet? Thieves in the night stole, terrified and led to the death of my Wesson. My heart is broken. What will the penalty be for stealing and killing a pet who would have been the love of someone's life? I hope the two who have turned themselves in will realize how a tragic error in judgment will impact many hearts of my family, and those of the Nature Coast.

Patricia McDowell, New Port Richey

Mosque is a front for terrorism | Aug. 25 letter

One Koran, but two world views

Congratulations to letter writer Jack B. McPherson for his insight to this very delicate subject. I would like to know: Is Islam a religion or a political ideology?

I hear about peaceful, loving Muslims so much that a question comes to my mind: Are peaceful, loving Muslims reading the same Koran as the terrorists? Are there two separate versions of the Koran? One is reading peace and the other is reading hatred. Does that make any sense?

Russell Montminy, Spring Hill

The sky is falling, Islam haters yell

The McChicken Littles now rule the roost — seeing terrorists in every mosque, calling for throwing the U.S. Constitution out of the coop, and launching a 21st century crusade by American Christians against world Islam, all 1.5 billion of them.

Perhaps instead these McChickens should be arrested for helping to recruit gullible people to become terrorists by foul hatred of all things Islam despite U.S. laws and traditions. Or maybe just Baker Acted for utter stupidity that makes them a danger to themselves and all Americans, including millions of Muslim Americans.

Like the fearmongering fowls who scared us into throwing Japanese-Americans into concentration camps, they can offer not a shred of evidence for condemning Muslim places of worship. The handful of Muslim criminals here and overseas are little different than bomber Timothy McVeigh, who certainly didn't represent Christianity or most Americans I know.

As far as McChicken's slander toward Imam Rouf, who heads the Park 51 community center that includes a mosque and a swimming pool, both President Bush and President Obama sought his assistance in convincing Islam of our nation's acceptance of Muslims and seeking to encourage moderate Muslims everywhere. Imam Rouf never defended the 19 criminals who attacked us on 9/11.

And lest we forget, Hamas was democratically elected, something we once supported, even if we don't like Palestinians choosing a militant party over a corrupt one. Sharia law displacing the U.S. Constitution? I guess when the sky is falling all around you, the last refuge for foul patriots is lie more, fantasize more and support more killing. An Islamic terrorist with an AK-47 on my doorstep? I'm more concerned with Chickens messing up the bottom of my shoes.

Dan Callaghan, New Port Richey

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