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Spring Hill Fire District tax isn't less after all

Keep millage cap as low as possible

The Spring Hill residents voted to save their fire department. The 2.75 mills was the usual pork politicians add to their bills.

I admire Rep. Robert Schenck, R-Spring Hill, for reducing the millage cap from 2.75 to 2.5. District Chief Mike Rampino repeatedly emphasized that Spring Hill citizens would save taxes by voting for an independent Spring Hill fire department. He emphasized that we pay less than the 2.5 mills that Hernando County citizens pay for their fire and safety.

At the polls, Spring Hill firefighters bragged to me they taxed the Spring Hill citizens less than Hernando County and that not voting for saving our fire district will cost me more in taxes.

If the fire chief and board want to prove that we citizens want the 2.75-mill tax, put it on the ballot when we are allowed to vote for the new board members.

Joan Lynch, Spring Hill

Leave school budgets alone

The Republican-controlled Legislature once again prioritizes according to special-interest influences instead of representing the people who voted for them.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the largest over-the-month decrease in the level of employment was recorded in Florida (-58,600) in the month of December. We currently have over 650,000 unemployed Floridians with a 7.3 percent unemployment rate. Hernando County alone has over 10 percent unemployed.

The state of Florida has begun to swing its ax by cutting $820-million from schools. They have, with one swing, transferred the burden of budget cuts to local school boards. They don't care how the job gets done; it's now out of their hands. This is Republican Legislature at its worst. Why are the youth of this state and Hernando County bearing the burden?

Here is a no-brainer — legislators can cut the state budget without affecting millions of schoolchildren. There are 8,175 double-dippers in the state of Florida. Retired state employees, legislators, judges, and municipal workers who are collecting a pension and are receiving their same salary compliments of a Republican Legislature and the 1998 DROP program.

Gov. Charlie Crist pointed to the empty Capitol plaza and told supporters that Floridians know and understand the difficult cuts lawmakers have to make. "That's why you don't see protesters outside," he said.

Gov. Crist, people don't understand the complexities of the Legislature. If they did, Tallahassee wouldn't have enough space to accommodate the protest.

Vito J. Delgorio Sr., Spring Hill

Time to make good on unkept promises | Dan DeWitt column, Jan. 18

After 28 years, let's right a wrong

Thank you, Dan DeWitt, for telling us about the squandered grant 28 years ago. I have stopped for good food at Mr. Howard Delaine's many times and never knew what might have been. He is always cheerful and courteous and makes it a pleasure to stop there.

Will County Administrator David Hamilton really do something now that he knows some facts about South Brooksville? I hope so. I'll save the column with his promise and wait and see.

Mr. Delaine deserves not just to have his stand preserved but should have a chance to make that 28-year-old dream come true. Twenty-eight years is not so long. Some of the people are still around who helped deny him that dream.

I talked with a woman recently who witnessed the last Klan parade through Brooksville. That was not so many years ago. Bet some of those marchers are still in Brooksville and Hernando County.

Have things really changed? Not so much. The Brooksville Raid Festival is happening. I have never understood any good underlying significance for such a commemoration. The Civil War was about slavery.

My great-great-grandfather in Stewart County, Tenn., went against the Southern wind and voted for Lincoln because he despised the peculiar institution of slavery. His twin sons, John and Aaron, fought for the Union. Aaron was killed.

Doris Taylor, Brooksville

New gun carry law is frightfully lax | Jan. 15 letter

Don't blame all for actions of few.

The letter writer is blaming all 850,000 Floridians who carry concealed permit holders for the acts of a few criminals. The fact that Mr. Bish had an expired permit shows that he doesn't respect the law.

Why should all Florida permit holders be blamed for Mr. Bish's actions? I challenge the writer to show me how many law-abiding permit holders have broken the law. He is right that citizens who do not have a felony can get a carry permit, which is their right. Does he want to take that right away from them? How about driver's licences? Should we take away everyone's driver's license because some people drive drunk?

John DiGaetano, Wesley Chapel, president, Tampa Bay Chapter, Second Amendment Club of America

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