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Spring Hill Fire Rescue officials' apathy is evident

Let's send fire officials packing, June 15 letter

Commissioners' apathy evident

The writer here has a great idea; dump the entire board of fire commissioners and their personal agendas. Now, why do something smart and mix in a huge side of stupid by voting "yes'' as the writer suggested.

Anyone who honestly thinks that smoke eater can sit back on a slow day and dictate what they want me to say on my property taxes to cover their salary and costs has been out in the sun without a hat for way too long!

I didn't elect any of them. It seems everyone has some idea of how to get things done, but will never step up to the plate to get it started. So we're left with the same old, same old.

So, if you thought voting "yes" will make it easier to oust anyone, then let the letter writer take the reigns.

R.J. Asciolla, Spring Hill

Proper maneuver comes with crisis

The Spring Hill Fire Rescue District's Board of Fire Commissioners has gone missing.

Right after the election, they scheduled a meeting that was mysteriously canceled. A meeting they should have held, if for no other reason, to draft a petition to the governor declaring a financial emergency. But now with an Oct. 1 deadline looming, the next meeting is the regular July session.

There are three months and one week until the district loses all revenue. The integration of the district and county services should begin as soon as possible. They should not wait hoping for a white horse to charge to the rescue of the district.

That white horse, by the way, got waved off twice by the voters at the poll. So it is time to do a reality check and realize that somewhere along the way the voters have abandoned the fire commission and it is time to work to transfer their responsibilities to another entity.

I and 10,322 other residents ask the fire commission to be responsible and ensure an orderly transfer of equipment and manpower to their successors. But, I fear, as the board has proved in the past, that unless there is a crisis, there is no action. So I suspect that the transfer will begin on or about Sept. 15, unless the fire commission can schedule a few more elections before then.

Harry E. Chamberlain

Spring Hill

Negotiations best interest for locals

Spring Hill developed when the boroughs of New York City extended into Florida for its sun and sensibilities and the people brought their skills, talents and remarkable brilliance and energy settling into squared-off neighborhoods and gated communities comforting some 90,000 residents. A real claim to its native population is its Spring Hill Fire Rescue District, whose first responders and emergency medical personnel won distinguished awards for excellence.

People are busy and the hard-won privilege of voting was shrugged off by nearly three-quarters of the Spring Hill voters. People had the easiest voting ever by simply mailing in a marked ballot. They did not have to wait in lines, sustain rains or take time from their schedules to vote. Just mailing in their marked ballot was a convenient as it gets. For so many, this was a missed opportunity.

A few disgruntled residents kept jabbing at the fire commission until a perception was manufactured of an inept board that the public should distrust with taxing authority even though a previous vote granted the will of its people to maintain its own fire protection.

Still, hope springs eternal. Negotiations between and among legislative bodies could preserve the integrity of the Spring Hill Fire Rescue District in the best interest of its constituency. You may still have a voice outside the ballot box.

Deron Mikal, Brooksville

Vet: Taking cane was disrespectful

After a hip replacement a few years ago, and a second one just last July, my doctor recommended the use of a good cane to maintain stability in walking and standing, which I found very helpful.

A few days ago, I drove to the Home Depot to pick up a few items. Placing my cane in the shopping cart along with the purchases, I walked over to my car, which was close by in the parking lot. After placing my items in the trunk, I drove away and returned to my home. Driving into the garage I realized I had left my cane in the shopping cart.

I immediately drove back to Home Depot, searched the parking lot and the carts to no avail. After asking the workers inside about my missing cane, we came to the conclusion that someone had taken the cane and driven off with it.

My name and address were plainly visible on an address label just below the handle, but now I suspect that it has been removed.

I am a World War II veteran, and to the shameless person who took my cane, I hope you needed it just as much as I do. I served my country. Did you?

Eric B. Worsdell, Spring Hill

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