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Spring Hill Fire Rescue vote shows electorate's appalling apathy

Voters exhibit appalling apathy

What is the problem here in Spring Hill? The political climate is beyond trying to figure out. With the Spring Hill Fire Rescue vote going down for the final time, it shows the pathetic electorate I live among here in Spring Hill.

Never mind the outcome, the bigger story is the dismal reaction by the registered voters in the Spring Hill Fire District. Whether for or against, you voters could not come up with five lousy minutes to bubble in a circle, place the ballot in a postage paid envelope, and stick it in your mailbox?

Maybe half the electorate had no idea what this was all about. Maybe you should have, again, taken five minutes and found out. I know, you really do not care what entity it says on the big red truck, until the big red truck doesn't show up.

In what was once the greatest country on earth, we still have voting rights. We can throw those we elect out of office if they fail to represent us in a fair and just way. Spring Hill voters obviously do not care. Why then register to vote? This was a very important local issue that deserved five lousy minutes of your precious time.

"The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all". John F. Kennedy – thirty-fifth president of the United States.

Frank Darienzo, Spring Hill

DeWitt for Great Brooksvillian

I also nominated Dan DeWitt to be the Great Brooksvillian this year.

His column of June 24th, in which he modestly mentioned his nomination, is precisely why I think he is a very valuable and important part of your newspaper and of our community. How else would we have ever know about the chicanery of Lara Bradborn and her mishandling of the competition for the Great Brooksvillian this year.

I thank you so much for the Hernando Times section. It is the first place I always look to each day (after doing the Cryptoquote).

Doris Zenn, Brooksville

Mom who abused kitten needs help

After reading about Dexter the abused kitten, I was disgusted with the society we live in. Not only is this woman accused of committing a crime, but she also reportedly involved her young children, teaching them it's okay to abuse animals.

I hope they give her the maximum punishment, but it's too late for the kitten that died.

She should never own a pet, and I hope the court insists she get help because she definitely needs it.

Susan Squires, Port Richey

Hamilton's magic show has got to go

When is this purchasing magic show going to stop?

If I were a betting man, I would bet that Hernando County Administrator David Hamilton's response to the dredge audit will place blame clearly on someone else, even though he called the shots behind closed doors.

His leadership team is a smokescreen for him to place blame and hide behind. How much longer are county commissioners going to listen to Hamilton say, "Sorry, it won't happen again?"

I honestly believe if Jim Gannt were still working for the county the outcome of this would have been much different and legal. He followed the rules, unlike Hamilton. But Hamilton had to move Gannt out so he could manipulate the rules.

Come on county commissioners, wake up. We have had enough of this smoke and mirrors administration. It's time for Hamilton to disappear. Let's see if you can make that happen!

Frank McDowell, Spring Hill

Fire district must abide voters' will

Will the Spring Hill Fire commissioners respect the will of the voters? The silence from the Board of Fire Commissioners has been deafening.

There have had been two votes that have denied taxing authority. After the first no vote, the fire commissioners said and did nothing for nine months before they ran to the County Commission to fix their financial problems. The County Commission rightly relied upon the Florida Constitution and would not unlawfully extend an MSTU for an entity that did not have taxing authority.

Since the County Commission would not violate the law, the fire district then went before a circuit court judge seeking an extension of the order that bridged the gap between being granted independence and the vote for taxing authority. Strike two; the judge said no.

Strike three was the second vote on taxing authority. The electorate again said by voting "No" that they did not trust the fire district with their hard-earned tax money.

The voters rightly suspect that the fire district's silence means it is cooking up some scheme to attempt to nullify the second vote. The voters have spoken. It is time for the fire district to publicly state that it will abide that vote and proactively work with the county to achieve a merged fire and EMS service.

Anne Kraus-Keenan, Spring Hill

Greg Giordano a fighter for Florida

While I appreciate the recognition from the Hernando Anti-Drug Coalition for my efforts in passing legislation to end prescription drug abuse in Florida, there are many people behind the scenes who made these efforts possible and need to be thanked.

First and foremost, my chief legislative aide, Greg Giordano, has worked tirelessly on these issues for many years. From spending long nights crafting legislation to seemingly endless meetings to learn more about the impact of various proposals, Greg has always been there with courage, character, and conviction. Without Greg's steadfast dedication to the people of Florida, our efforts to save lives would not have been possible.

I have had the honor of working with Greg since I was first elected to the Florida Legislature 17 years ago. During that time, Greg has had an unwavering commitment to those in need and has been my biggest ally in fighting for people throughout Florida. The citizens of Florida have a good friend in Greg Giordano.

State Sen. Mike Fasano, New Port Richey

Lawn watering needs more limits

It does not take a degree in geology to know that twice-weekly lawn watering is wasteful and destructive. Our coastal springs and our rivers and lakes are drying up because of overuse of groundwater. Doubling the amount of water people are allowed to use for lawn irrigation will further reduce water levels and at the same time flush more dangerous nitrates from fertilizers into our water.

Our County Commission should not allow twice-weekly watering; instead, they should advise citizens to plant grasses and shrubs that are compatible with their soils so excessive watering and fertilizing are not necessary. People who won't do it can just live with brown yards.

George Foster, Weeki Wachee,

Spring Hill Fire Rescue vote shows electorate's appalling apathy 07/07/11 [Last modified: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 9:11pm]
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