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Spring Hill Republican changing parties because of Ginny Brown-Waite's actions

Brown-Waite let Republican down

I wanted to wait several days before responding to our Congresswoman regarding her timely exit from office just to make sure what I heard was correct.

Her admission for leaving office and controlling her replacement (Sheriff Richard Nugent) to fill her seat is unbelievable. The Congresswoman pulled off a dirty trick in not letting more qualified candidates enter the race and thus blowing any chance for the Republicans to hold onto this office. The sheriff has shown he can't be trusted due to his flip-flop on issues and contempt for local business affairs with Hernando County officials.

Thank you, Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, for destroying all that you had worked so hard to fix while in office. This 50-year Republican is now switching to another party.

T. William Simmons, Spring Hill

Will Democrats offer good choice?

Here it is: We have a choice between a good ol' boy politician, Richard Nugent, who really should resign as sheriff at least to give the appearance of being a square shooter, and a newbie named Jason Sager, another questionable Sarah follower who is a Libertarian, Jeffersonian and tea partier (read pink unicorns, Uncle Sam costumes and bozo the clown noses).

I really hope the Democrats can come up with someone who is going to do some good and not be looking out for No. 1.

Questionable politicians look, sound and walk like a duck and it seems to me that both waddle a bit.

Paul Settle, Spring Hill

Prayer hubbub was for publicity

Bill Bunting and the Republican Party of Pasco are unhappy that Pasco-Hernando Community College is not including an invocation (public prayer) with its graduation ceremony. In fact it hasn't been included for 10 years, without an issue. So, Bunting decided to make it one.

Bunting says, "Only one person objected to it and it was removed" while offering nothing to back up that statement. Even Gary Worthley, fellow Republican and PHCC trustee, says he "wasn't certain about the history of the invocation issue but … it's my understanding that they did have a prayer at one time and then they don't anymore."

Well, I'm glad we cleared that up.

But, wait, Bunting continues, "From hearsay, the guy was an atheist." (Definition of hearsay: Without clear authority, information spoken whether true or not, unofficial information, a rumor, to gossip, to babble.) Bunting says, "In Pasco County, you can't go a quarter of a mile without passing a church." What a wonderful idea! I knew a smart man like Bunting would come up with a reasonable solution that would make any American happy. Churches would be perfect places to hold pre/post graduation prayers.

But that really wasn't Bunting's point, was it? Because that wouldn't have put him and the Republican Party of Pasco on the front page of the local newspaper, would it?

Praying isn't really the point here. Because in truthfulness, anyone can pray, anywhere, anytime.

The real point of this whole thing is people have to be seen praying, it must be written about, a controversy must be made, it must be understood that it was Bill Bunting and his courageous Republican Party of Pasco that brought this awfulness to light, slaying the evil dragon. Otherwise, who knows what could happen at this government sponsored activity at PHCC if Bunting doesn't intervene.

Spontaneous family pride could break out. Mom and dad, grandma, grandpa, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends alike could feel that congratulatory handshakes were necessary, smiles, hugs, tears, back-slapping and all-around cheerfulness could erupt. Wayward people could even whip out cameras to record the whole (ungodly) event.

Unlike the anonymous PHCC student who Bunting claims brought this to his attention, I'm not embarrassed or ashamed to let you know who I am. I'm a former student and graduate of PHCC. My husband and son are students. We believe in God, but we don't believe that in America prayer should be mandated.

So I respectfully say to Bunting, "Hey, this is our America, too." If that's okay with you, sir?

Robin Adkisson-Jackson, Port Richey

Bunting should share reference

Bill Bunting asserts that Pasco County people "knew the Constitution includes God."

Where exactly do we find that reference?

Nick Hobart, New Port Richey

Thanks, Publix, for involvement

When I pulled into the Publix at Chelsea Place in Trinity, I noticed the parking lot was full. When I entered the store, it was filled with dozens of students and their parents shopping together. I overheard conversations between students and parents as they completed their scavenger lists.

A real hands-on lesson in economics, these students were price checking and reading labels because Publix had graciously sponsored Trinity Oaks Elementary's math night. Though the lines were longer than usual, it filled me with great pride to know that I shop at a store that has made a deep investment in our community and allowed students such a wonderful learning opportunity. The whole experience made my weekly chore of shopping a pleasure. Thank you, Publix!

Summer Romagnoli, New Port Richey

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Spring Hill Republican changing parties because of Ginny Brown-Waite's actions 05/12/10 [Last modified: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 6:20pm]
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