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State chamber's ad is just insulting

State chamber's ad is just insulting

I recently visited my local chamber of commerce to ask what the chamber's position was on SB 6 and HB 7189. I learned that the local chamber is not allowed to take a position on political issues and campaigns, as its charter does not allow for it. I find that to be appropriate.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce has been running an ad on television and the Internet that casts teacher lobbyists as Mafia-like and bullies in the classroom. The chamber's advertisement is very misleading, implying that everyday teachers receive a fortune for their lobbying efforts and are in the classroom bullying their students.

Teachers in local communities throughout the state support businesses in the prosperous and not so prosperous times. We teachers have an investment in the communities where we live. If you take away our livelihoods, you are affecting the livelihoods of the businesses that the state and national chambers represent.

I personally have been intentional about going out and supporting the businesses of Pasco County to stimulate the local economy, because I am better off than many and I know that spending my hard-earned money in the community helps the parents of my students.

I am insulted by the position that the Florida Chamber of Commerce has taken on this issue and hope that if local businesses have any influence over the state and national organization that you will do all that you can to oppose their stance on this awful bill.

I would also like to point out that the United School Employees of Pasco, as well as local schools, are members of the chambers of commerce in Pasco County.

Kenny Blankenship, Land O'Lakes

New development only adds to woes

After reading the story about Hudson Beach pollution, I can only wonder why commissioners would approve construction of Sunwest Harbourtowne, only a couple of miles north, which would contribute to this problem.

A golf course with its runoff, a 500-slip marina, not to mention all the homes, condos, hotel and businesses. Consider hurricane season, where are these people going to go? The commissioners are essentially asking the citizens of Pasco County to pay for all the cleanup.

I would rather pay for expanded parks and libraries and services that would help us, rather than pay for someone else's cleanup.

Steve Cors, Hudson

It's a good thing to honor Ben Harrill

Kudos to the Pasco commissioners for renaming the Holiday recreation center in honor of Ben Harrill.

Ben willingly gave so much of his time to the community and was truly a gentleman. What a wonderful tribute.

Anita Johnson, Trinity

Raze more woods for houses? | April 14 letter

Don't destroy nature for houses

The letter gives all the facts why a cool showcase of 4,300 homes would be a travesty against nature and the residents of New Port Richey.

Is Commissioner Ann Hildebrand in La-la Land? Is she not aware that New Port Richey had a high rate of foreclosures? Does she want to add 4,300 more foreclosures to our record?

That stretch of Little Road, between Plathe and DeCubellis roads, is the closest New Port Richey residents can get to the heart of nature. It looks like the old Little Road, before it started to become as ugly as U.S. 19.

Come on, Commissioner Hildebrand, stop daydreaming and start working on the issues vital to the workings of Pasco County.

Helen Costa-Schultz, New Port Richey

PSC should get Aqua complaints

I have Aqua Utilities as my water company, which serves a few subdivisions in west Pasco. Over the past two weeks, we have had two major water main breaks leaving customers without water for several hours.

These breaks have occurred after business hours and it takes several calls to Aqua to report this. Each time I call, I get disconnected. Also, the call center is in Wisconsin.

With what we pay in water bills, there should be gold coming out of our faucets.

I got so frustrated that I sent an online complaint to the Public Service Commission. Complaining to Aqua does nothing. To file a complaint with the PSC, go to its Web site and under the "consumer assistance" tab there is a complaint form.

If customers complain to the PSC, at least Aqua will have to answer to it. It only takes a few minutes out of your life to go online and file a complaint.

K. Howe, Port Richey

Arrow no match for healing hands

Easter Sunday we discovered an adult sandhill crane with an arrow through his wing and protruding out the other side of his body. We were fortunate to direct him into my fenced back yard while trying to find someone who could rescue him.

Sandhill cranes are a protected bird, so whoever did this committed a felony.

I called Wildlife Emergency and was given the number of Sky Harbor Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. Lynda, the founder, and her husband came right out and were able to catch the bird without causing more injury. They took him to a vet who pulled the arrow out without more damage.

The wounds are healing with Lynda's fine care, but the heartache we all share will take much longer knowing someone would commit such a heinous act on an innocent bird. We are hoping that person will be found and prosecuted.

We appreciate finding out about a nonprofit organization like Sky Harbor, which does such wonderful loving work for the animals.

Joanne McWethy, New Port Richey

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