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State's logging devastates Withlacoochee Forest

State's logging devastates forest

It is always amazing to me that there are so many rules and regulations pertaining to cutting down trees on privately owned properties, and yet, the state can come into the county and rape the land and have to account to no one.

We went horseback riding in the Withlacoochee Forest this weekend and when I saw what had been done along Trail 24 off Trail 13, I could have almost cried. I guess they are planning on timbering the pines, and if this is so, the prep work is very disturbing.

Every oak, live, turkey, etc. has been cut to about a foot off the ground. It goes for as far as you can see. And, these big beautiful trees are no more.

These forests are home to all kinds of wildlife — maybe the state thinks that the wildlife survive on pine needles instead of acorns.

I've seen what the state can do when it comes to beautiful oaks and other trees that get in their way of logging pines. You can see it too if you drive U.S. 19 north from Weeki Wachee. They have sprayed all the hardwood trees to kill them so the area can become a sand pine stand.

The state doesn't have the funds to maintain all the land its owns or to plow fire lanes to help prevent forest fires from adjoining properties. Yet it has the funds to completely devastate the land by butchering all the majestic trees.

Government at its finest!

Bobbi Mills, Brooksville

Student awards are heartening

As chairperson of the scholarship committee at Stage West Community Playhouse, I had three scholarships to give and was invited to attend the Evening of Excellence at Springstead High School on May 14. The money for the scholarships is donated by Stage West members and their patrons at every production.

The entire section of Springstead Theatre was filled with seniors and the stage held the presenters of the awards. The amount of community support, Bright Futures, large corporations and college scholarship awards was overwhelming, as was the total amount the students received. Springstead High received more than $6 million dollars in scholarship Awards.

On May 20, I had two scholarships to give and attended the Parade of Champions at Nature Coast Technical High School, where over 500 students received honors and scholarship awards. Nature Coast received more than $2 million in scholarship awards.

I would like to thank the community for its support for our youth and give kudos to the teachers who gave these students what they needed to achieve these high scholastic honors and awards. The recipients and the amounts of these awards was overwhelming and has given me faith in the future. The next generation has many capable citizens ready to take care of our country. I thank you and wish all of you a bright future.

L. Falcone, Spring Hill

Good credit is what counts most

I have been doing some investigation this last month concerning first-time buyers, stabilization programs, foreclosures, rentals and the bottom line is, if your credit is no good, you can't qualify. Sad but true, and get this: the great majority of Americans no longer qualify. And at a salary of under $50,000 gross, you can't qualify.

Who can qualify? It is those with the money, retirement, pensions, good-paying professional jobs and, of course, politicians. If you want to check that, just call any local bank, credit union or lender and you will find out that credit is what counts. It should be, but that isn't reality any longer.

Sure they have portfolio loans, if you qualify at the low end of the credit analysis. But, guess what they are? Balloon payments and adjustable-rate mortgages. Isn't that what got us in this mess to start with?

When you hear all that hype about first-time buyers, tax credits, renegotiate your loan, foreclosure help and stabilization, remember who that is for. Yes, they do have money to lend, but to whom?

See Spring Hill for what it really is. Check with your friendly realtor, who will tell you up front the reality. Talk to your car dealer who will tell you up front the true reality about why cars are not selling. Talk about those low-paying, no-benefit jobs. Talk about taxes and who will pay. Talk about rotting, empty homes because people can't rent or buy.

It goes right down the list from topic to topic. The root cause of this whole mess is, who can qualify?

Unless we start to become creative and find ways to sell our homes by putting families in them, holding the mortgage and taking a chance on people, don't expect much from these leaders at any level.

If we cannot get investment into our community by these so-called bankers and lenders to put people back to work, just where are we heading?

Robert Melaccio Sr., Spring Hill

Pets deserve our full commitment | May 20, letter

Don't be in rush to put down pets

Letter writer Joanne Schoch needs sensitivity training. There's such a thing known as remorse, even a sales contract can be cancelled within three days.

How could it hurt to wait three to seven days when a life is concerned? People sometimes need time to make adjustments for a pet or they may change their minds. Seems to me Hernando County animal shelter is the wrong name. It should be Hernando County gas chamber.

Roger F. Lind, Port Richey

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