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Stop giving Pasco schools short shrift

Use tax money where it's needed

So, in the Tuesday issue of the Pasco Times one of the lead articles is about the county providing a company with $7.6-million in incentives for moving to Pasco.

Then Wednesday's section has an article about the School Board needing to meet to plan on making more cuts because of monetary shortfalls.

Does anyone besides me see a problem here? It still amazes me how education takes such a backseat here in Florida.

Richard Tron, Wesley Chapel

School Board moves quickly Nov. 19 article

Brochure a shiny example of waste

While I may have spoken with passion, I spoke with respect and did not "berate the board for having spent money on a slick color brochure advertising the district." I questioned the cost and purpose of the brochure, and the wisdom of producing such a document in a time of financial distress.

I questioned the waste seen every day in the district and asked the School Board to keep the brochure in front of them and to think about it whenever they said they couldn't afford what was really important. I asked them to ask themselves, "If we can't spend money on field trips, or sports, or pay, then how can we spend money on things like this?"

Pat Connolly, Zephyrhills

Port Richey needs new leader

I'm begging the city of Port Richey residents to stand up with me and take back our city. Do you know both fire trucks are down and the county has to go on calls that we have to pay for?

That's not the only thing. As homeowners, we will lose a part of our insurance without the fire trucks. City Manager Richard Reade has run this city into the ground and fired city employees for silly reasons. City employees deserve a raise; they do work hard for all of us. Reade has done nothing in the year he has been here except kill our city. We need to tell the council that Reade has to go or at election time they will go.

Remember why you moved to a small city. Get out there and fight.

Marilyn Chesser, Port Richey

Bee issue stings property owner

A honeybee nest in a shed at the rear of my property, which is enclosed by a chain-link fence, was determined a nuisance by Code Enforcement. To gain access to the bees, one would have to trespass illegally.

The shed's locking security was breached and the bees removed without consent because the owner was on vacation. A $1,000 lien was placed on the property for this unwanted intrusion. All bees were not removed on the first trip, so a repeat performance was necessary? Another $1,000 lien; total is now $2,000 at 12 percent interest.

Had I owned a shed containing illegal drugs or contraband, a court order to break in would have been required. An arbitrary nuisance decision denies the homeowner of this search-and-seizure protection.

This is not a condemnation of all public servants, as in my efforts to resolve my problem, I met courteous and polite people who got my lien reduced to $1,000.

I did not invite the bee colony; it was part of God's creatures that, for whatever reason, selected my shed to serve their purpose. They caused no harm in their protected environment other than the $1,000 they cost me.

Daniel E. DePoalo, Hudson

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