Thursday, May 24, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Letters to tbt*: Stop whining about the tax on Amazon producs

Re: Amazon will collect sales tax beginning May 1 (tbt* April 17)

Really? People aren't going to buy books because they'll be a dollar more? People really don't want to pay taxes, do they?

Sure, I don't agree with everything the government does with tax money, but surely some good will be done with the extra revenue. If any state ever needed more money, it's Florida. Maybe someone like my sister might get a little extra money so she can get a new wheelchair or physical therapy. Unbelievable!

When you buy online, think of the gas you're saving by not driving to the store. I know times are tight for some people, including me, but if you can afford to shop, you can afford to pay a little more for a book or whatever.

Aren't there more important things to complain about in this day and age?

Kenny Weliever, Temple Terrace

Presumed guilty

Re: Are we men or are we pigs? (email to the editor, April 18)

So, I guess email writer Pete Malinchock wants to forgo the judicial system and convict Jameis Winston of rape, all because he feels women's rights are not up to par in America (which they're not, for the record; that is not the point of this rebuttal).

Was this case handled improperly? Probably. Did Jameis Winston do anything wrong? Maybe, maybe not. Did the state prosecutor's office feel they had enough evidence to support a charge? No. Therefore he wasn't, because this is how our judicial system works. 

Allow me to replace Malinchock's overused shock question of "What if the female being raped (not confirmed by any evidence or trial conviction, in this case) was your mother, your wife, your sister or your daughter (of which I have one, for the record)?" with this one: What if you, Mr. Malinchock, were sent to prison for 20 years for a crime, sent there without a conviction stemming from a trial that was held under the laws of the United States judicial system?

Maybe we're "pigheaded,'' Malinchock wrote. Maybe he's ignorant.

Chad Andre, Riverview

Lazy pedestrians

Re: Stop the jaywalking (email to the editor, April 17)

I am one of those drivers that traffic engineers say would be inconvenienced by safety improvements to Hillsborough Avenue. The only inconvenience that I have seen so far is almost getting hit, or hitting another car, because some idiot can't use a crosswalk. It isn't just the teens; it's the parents as well who teach their children that it's okay to dart through traffic to cross the road.

Yesterday I was almost hit at 22nd and Hillsborough because someone stepped out into traffic from the median. She was only 15 feet from the crosswalk! Have we become such a lazy society that we can't walk a few extra feet to be safe?

If you refuse to use a crosswalk because it would be too inconvenient, you are taking your life into your own hands. The taxpayer should not have to fit the bill for extra lighting, signals, etc., because of laziness.

Ben Hunter, Tampa

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