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Suncoast Arts Festival belongs in New Port Richey, not Wesley Chapel

Arts Fest belongs in west Pasco

Here is my take on the city and what has happened to New Port Richey, two words: Wesley Chapel. You would think that is the only place for us to shop.

I am an artist here in New Port Richey. I started my business, Nature's Clay Art,, two years ago. In July, I attended a gathering at Progress Energy Gallery on the subject, "What Is Art?" It was nice to have this event here in our little city and considering the advertising it got, tiny bits in our Pasco edition of the Times and a mention by Barbara Fredricksen in a recent article, there were at least 20 in attendance.

At one point the topic came to, "How do we attract people to west Pasco, New Port Richey particularly, and make this a cultural location, a fine art destination?" At one time we had the beginnings of a fantastic annual arts event that I was excited about, that I would tell friends in Pinellas about, just up the road from them, a few miles: the Suncoast Arts Festival. Then it moved 25 miles away to a new mall, where there are super duper shops to compete with the artists for sales.

I could tell you stories from many other artists, but I will not bother. I can tell you that many, including myself, did not return after the first year and many will not after trying again the second year at the mall.

So, I am voicing my displeasure at the decision and would love to see this festival move back to where it started, west Pasco County.

I do not travel to Wesley Chapel for any reason. Citrus Park is closer if I need a mall. Fix up what we have in west Pasco, in New Port Richey and Port Richey. There is a need to have events, such as the Arts Fest, here before it is too late.

Roxie Spell, New Port Richey

Dealing with the consequences

John Ditullio is very proud of his tattoos and I'm sure if it wasn't for his attorney telling him to get them covered up that he would wear them proudly in court. He was stupid enough to get the tattoos, so he should be made to suffer the consequences of them.

Ditullio is a menace to society and if he beats this criminal charge, he going to walk proudly in public with the tattoos.

The judge who ordered this makeup on his face should be taken off the bench and made to work the corrections jail to learn more about the individuals he is dealing with.

The only alteration a suspect should be given before his trial is clean clothes.

Wesley Hawkins, Spring Hill

Where is Pasco support for Scott? | Sept. 17, letter

Scott has support in Pasco County

The letter writer is wrong again. The fact is that Randy Maggard, chairman of the Republican Party of Pasco, and Bill Bunting, state committeeman, met with Rick Scott within days of the primary. Bill is now chairman of the Rick Scott campaign in Pasco. He will be leading the appearance at upcoming major gun shows with Rick Scott, Pam Bondi, Jeff Atwater and Marco Rubio.

Bill has offered Scott the same assistance that he has given to Marco Rubio to organize a series of campaign stops across Pasco County.

As soon as the signs provided by the campaign are delivered, they will be put up. I know all this because I work closely with Bill. In fact, I'll be helping with the signs.

The letter writer, along with Sen. Mike Fasano, contributed nothing to the Republican Party of Pasco but criticism.

Dennis Bonfiglio, Hudson

Re: Hidden Lakes deer

Stop useless mass deer killings

It is not necessary to kill all of the deer; I understand the air strip needs to be safe. These deer were here first and we have taken their space to feed and run. They are beautiful and bring peace and calm to an upset world.

My neighbor and I have placed our Christmas deer out early in the season to protest the mass killing of the deer. They hurt no one.

Please help us stop this wasteful and useless killing.

Shirley J. Savage, New Port Richey

Wild animals don't bother us

We love seeing the deer and all the other wild animals. I see no reason for the killings that some people want to do.

After all, we move in on them. When their habitat is taken away, what are the deer supposed to do? The most they do is eat grass and fertilize our lawns. That's a good thing.

As for the airplanes, all they have to do is pull up when they see anything on the runway. So they use a little more fuel. Big deal.

Get over it. Or move out. Or put up a fence.

Opal Chamberlain, New Port Richey

To keep deer out, put up a fence

The best solution to keeping deer off the runway is the installation of a 10-foot fence. The runway is 50 feet wide and an aerial map shows the airport owns a minimum of 75 feet on either side of the runway.

To completely eradicate the deer by killing them is impossible. A local wildlife expert stated that all deer within a half-mile would have to be slaughtered and even then, other deer would populate the area. Tranquilizing and releasing the deer would result in most of the deer dying of stress.

The airport's decision to kill the deer is cheap and ineffective. A fence is not cheap but definitely effective.

Susan Jackson, New Port Richey

Before you go, know THE TRUTH | Sept. 22, Dan DeWitt column

An inaccurate truth on seminars

If the truth were to be known it would probably reveal that DeWitt has never attended one of Ingoglia's seminars, Government Gone Wild.

If he had, he would know the source of all the data was from one or more government agencies, and both Democrat and Republican representatives were there with voter registration cards, and no political posters were permitted.

The seminars referred to in Hudson are not the first presentation. Several seminars have been presented and very well received by the several hundred people who attended each.

Let's talk about the truth and admit he has never attended one of the programs.

Jim Waters, Spring Hill

Suncoast Arts Festival belongs in New Port Richey, not Wesley Chapel 09/22/10 [Last modified: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 10:00pm]
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