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Sunday letters: JetBlue steward showed selfish behavior

The best quitter of all time? | Aug. 11, story

Steward showed selfish behavior

This seems funny on the face of it, but it's not funny at all. Yes, we've all had those "take this job and shove it" thoughts, but when faced with the pressures of our jobs, we're called to be professional, in control and appropriate.

Steven Slater's actions were selfish, boorish, and placed the passengers and crew in jeopardy. In this day and age, there are many folks out there who would be willing and eager to fill that job.

Shame on the Times for applauding this inappropriate and profane overreaction to the events that flight attendants are trained to deal with and are part of the job.

Rebecca Comeau, Zephyrhills

Punish the passenger

I have flown several times this summer using different airlines and it is common to see passengers who abuse the crew and fellow passengers, and who break the rules consistently.

I think the female who caused the problem recently should be caged and charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

If I owned a business, the steward would have a job tomorrow .

Shirley Moffatt, Brandon

Teachers face a tough test | Aug. 8, story

Under new system, how will teachers be helped?

It was "clear" to the evaluators that the teachers needed help, but I failed to see what help, specifically, the evaluators gave to the teachers. All I saw was a general comment about creating a lesson plan that encouraged students to work together. I am pretty sure that's what the teacher had in mind when putting them in groups. Groupwork is a learning process; students need instruction in how groups function and what they are expected to do before they can be relied upon for producing quality results. We do not know if the students were in that learning process or if this was a common behavior for the students.

A major concern of mine (and I am a teacher) is exactly how there will be a reliable evaluation of my classroom effectiveness and what type of specific help or advice I will be given if I am deemed ineffective. Will the evaluator help me to rewrite and improve the lesson? Or will I just receive general feedback, as shown in this article?

I hope to see more articles that follow this process and show some tangible, specific help and advice given to these teachers who are exhibited in your articles.

Azurede Ross, Clearwater

Mean-spirited and wrong | Aug. 11, editorial

A moral low point

Not only is state Attorney General Bill McCollum mean-spirited and wrong regarding his staunch views against gays and lesbians adopting — as well as becoming foster parents — the man is downright discriminatory.

The St. Petersburg Times noted that "research indicates unequivocally that children raised by gay and lesbian parents are just as healthy and well adjusted as those raised by heterosexual parents."

So then, why is McCollum so adamantly against it? Does he have a different set of facts and figures? Or is it just his "moral" belief, which I believe has sunk in moral turpitude?

No doubt, McCollum is appealing to the right-wing conservatives. Although if McCollum does become Florida's next governor, I can't help but wonder how long it will take for him to undo everything that Gov. Charlie Crist has already done. My sincere hope is that McCollum never gets the opportunity.

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

Mean-spirited and wrong | Aug. 11, editorial

Some things are private

Thank you for blasting Bill McCollum's attitude toward gay parents. He had said he doesn't agree with their "lifestyle." What does that term really mean?

Most gay people have lives just like most of us. They go to work every day, mow their lawns, cook dinner, have friends over for barbecue, support charities. Laugh, love, cry.

By saying "lifestyle," the ignorant may be equating that with private lives, which are just that — private and none of our business. Just like the private lives of our neighbors, parents, relatives are none of our business. We certainly do not share this with our children.

We are not defined by our love life, but by the type human we are.

B.J. Mitchell, St. Petersburg

Gay issues follow McCollum | Aug. 12, story

Seeing real danger

How ironic that right under this story that included Bill McCollum's statements about how "the gays" are unfit to foster, adopt and raise children, there is an article titled Pair face abuse charges in death. This is about a father, and his girlfriend, who are charged with murdering his 3-year old son.

That article goes on to explain that this man fathered his son with the accused girlfriend while married to another woman, with whom he also fathered a child around the same time. The girlfriend was also previously charged with domestic violence battery.

McCollum got it correct when he said, "I don't believe that the people who do this should be raising our children" — except he was referring to the wrong people.

Anthony J. Vento, Apollo Beach

A look inside our recommendations | Aug. 8, Tim Nickens column

Just the facts, please

I appreciated the article by editor of editorials Tim Nickens regarding the process used by the Times for recommending political candidates.

For some time, I have felt that recommendations by the Times were unfair because many voters rely on the recommendations to pick their candidates for them. These recommendations carry a personal bias and can be conceived as a way to sway voters to vote the way the Times wants them to vote.

It would better if the Times simply published the facts about each candidate, without making any recommendations, letting the voters decide their choice based on those facts alone. That would be a fair, unbiased, democratic way to inform the public about their candidates.

Richard Valentine, Palm Harbor

A look inside our recommendations | Aug. 8, Tim Nickens column

Problematic incumbents

Last Sunday, editor of editorials Tim Nickens wrote that too many first-time candidates are unprepared or unqualified for office. If the litmus test is getting in and staying in office, I think that the current crop of elected officials in Tallahassee is exactly that — unprepared and unqualified to do the work on behalf of the people who put them there. Maybe we need some new, fresh faces!

William Eaton, Dunnellon

Heart-healing gesture | Aug. 7, Random Act

More uplift needed

With all the bad news regarding job losses, foreclosures, oil spills, war, etc., always on the front page, what if you sometimes put an article on the front page like this one?

What a wonderful story about people who do make a difference! I just believe that once in a while, a story like this deserves the front page.

You have a great newspaper.

Chuck Welch, Beverly Hills

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