Friday, April 20, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Sunday's letters: Abortion is the real attack on women

An attack on women in Florida | March 11, Robyn Blumner column

Abortion is real attack on women

In this column, Robyn Blumner argues that restrictions on abortion amount to an attack on women. I wonder if she has paused to reflect that 50 percent of the preborn destroyed by abortion are future women. So much for her sense of sisterly solidarity with future women who are denied the sum total of their being as both humans and women.

Slavery denied and dispensed with any concept of universal brotherhood and natural rights because slaveholders wanted the convenience (and profit) of slavery. Apparently Blumner's sense of sisterhood and solidarity with future women facing denial and destruction is dispensable to preserve the convenience of abortion.

Robert Beatty, Tampa

An attack on women in Florida | March 11, Robyn Blumner column

Many support restrictions

Robyn Blumner shows how out of touch her opinions are in regard to abortion. A simple Google search of Gallup polls reveals that majorities favor parental consent for abortion and 24-hour wait periods. Late-term abortion is frowned upon by 64 percent, and 51 percent say abortion should only be legal in certain circumstances.

The real issue here is a president who is unpopular with most independents. Sorry, we aren't falling for the "don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain" routine. We are paying attention to the price of gas and groceries, though.

Dean L. Walters, Ruskin

Lost generations

Robyn Blumner complains at length about the attack on women in Florida by Republicans as they move to curtail abortion rights.

What about the attack on unborn women through abortion? She doesn't seem concerned about the next generation of women.

Christopher D. Martinez, St. Petersburg

A boom and a bust | March 11

Echoes of the Depression

Reading this cover story, I was reminded of John Steinbeck's heart-wrenching novel The Grapes of Wrath. The "By the numbers" section following the article stated that it takes 15 minutes to pick a flat of strawberries, and strawberry pickers are paid $1.50 per flat. I hear the sighs of old Tom Joad, "But a fella could work at a run, an' still he couldn' eat." On wages like that, a fella just can't live.

Jenna Finney Murphy, Tampa

To brighten their waning days | March 11

Inspirational article

Thanks to Lane DeGregory for this wonderful, inspirational article about Gabby Mason.

This young girl's unselfish, giving acts brought forth one of the most awesome stories I have ever seen in the Times.

Maybe she will be able to inspire other young people to help other people in creative ways, instead of delving into drugs or crime.

Keep it up. This is the kind of stuff readers crave.

Nickie McNichols, Clearwater

County sets bait for trophy store | March 14

Let it sink or swim

What happened to old-fashioned free-market capitalism? If Bass Pro Shops determined that it would be profitable for them to locate in Tampa, they would, with no incentives.

What happened to the Economic Development Task Force recommendation that Hillsborough County incentivize only biotech, medical, manufacturing and high-tech businesses? Adding "destination retail" to the list ignores that few people south of Sarasota or east of Lakeland are likely to visit a Tampa store, with existing stores in Fort Myers and Orlando; and none of them will stay overnight just to shop here.

It ignores that most jobs will be low-wage, part-time and no-benefit. The county's math calculates that taxpayers will be repaid in five years, but there seems to be no calculations as to how many existing mom and pop sporting goods business will fall off the tax rolls as a result.

Fred Jacobsen, Apollo Beach

Here's why I'm a 'bad' teacher | March 11

Problem of tenure

Teacher William Johnson's beef seems to be with the subjectivity inherent in employee performance evaluations. His observations about the evaluation process are not unique to the education profession.

What is unique to that profession is the concept of tenure which tolerates and even embraces mediocrity.

James E. Brakeman, Tierra Verde


Making new fans

How very smart of the Tampa Bay Times to censor Thursday's Doonesbury strip. Because of this move, not only did avid readers go online to see it, but so did many new folks to see what all the fuss was about. Hopefully your action will bring many new readers to my favorite comic strip.

Debbie Perrott, Brooksville

Cowardly decision

I bragged that the Tampa Bay Times was willing to publish the Doonesbury series on the new antiwomen rules imposed by Republican governors. Now you have fallen into the coward's category by opting out of carrying Thursday's cartoon. You could at least have put it on the editorial page like some newspapers. I am very disappointed in your decision.

Boo Ehrsam, Pinellas Park

Issue needs airing

At a time when women's reproductive rights are under assault all around the nation, it is terribly disappointing that the Tampa Bay Times has shown a complete lack of courage by choosing to not run Thursday's Doonesbury comic. For shame.

Tyler Carder, Largo

A matter of words

Shame on you. You can quote Rush Limbaugh calling a woman a "slut" but you can't publish a cartoon because "it does not meet your standards for taste and appropriateness"? What words did not meet your standards? Vagina? Rape? Did I miss one?

Leslie Kulikauskas, Oldsmar


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