Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Sunday's letters: Far worse offenders than D.C. team

What's in a name? For that D.C. team, a lot | Aug. 24, Perspective

Far worse offenders than D.C. team

If you believe that the name Washington Redskins is "disparaging to American Indians," I have a suggestion. First and foremost, actively lobby for the removal of Andrew Jackson from all U.S. currency. If you do not understand that statement I suggest you Google "Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears" for a starting point.

Sports mascots are a distant second to the travesty dealt to the American Indians by the U.S. federal government.

Tom Richarme, Clearwater

Dead-heat race officially starts | Aug. 27

Crist showed good sense

Do the people putting out the attack ads on Charlie Crist realize that all the things they are castigating him for occurred when he was a Republican governor? All he did to be driven from the Republican Party was welcome the president of the United States and give him a little hug. At least Crist had the good sense to step away from the circular firing squad that the Republican Party and the tea party have become.

Joe McGeehan, Tampa

Election facts

Five things the Tampa Bay Times will not mention.

1. 212,000 more people voted for Rick Scott than for Charlie Crist.

2. 120,000 more Republicans than Democrats turned out last Tuesday, despite there being over 400,000 more registered Democrats.

3. The Times has never recommended a Republican for president.

4. The Times has never recommended a Republican for governor.

5. The Times did not recommend Crist when he ran as a Republican. Any bets on who will be their choice next November?

Mike Gonzalez, Brooksville

Headed in wrong direction

I don't care who wins the governership, as long as he doesn't rig the next presidential election. Let's face it. The biggest criminal will win, the one with the most money and the most influence. Florida needs that to get our economy going.

At least I have the guts to say it to the spineless moralists out there. The world is getting worse, not better. Like a drunk and drug addict, Americans are going to have to hit rock bottom before we attempt to oscillate the other way.

George Thompson, Wesley Chapel

Waterfront is focus of new planning | Aug. 28

No concrete jungle

I attended St. Petersburg's waterfront planning meeting Wednesday — and left with much trepidation. Every single photo they showed us of work they've done around the world showed more cement than nature. I even went so far as to ask one of the planning company's speakers if he was a major stockholder in concrete companies.

I won't be attending any more of these meetings. It's obvious what lies in the future. We will be well-groomed. We will have tons of pavement and concrete seating in our parks. We will lose our natural, funky feeling and be reduced to slick and oh so sophisticated. It was a sad night for me.

Robin Sterling, St. Petersburg

Heed rising sea levels

Once again, the reporters and editors of the Tampa Bay Times need to be reminded: Climate change is leading to higher sea levels, with many scientists predicting a rise of 3 to 6 feet by 2100. And because polar melting is accelerating, there is great concern that those predictions are not high enough. We will likely see significant flooding of the St. Petersburg waterfront long before the end of the century.

This inconvenient fact needs to be addressed in any discussion of the future "development" of the St. Petersburg waterfront. Why does the Times consistently ignore bringing this aspect of the future into discussion?

Tyler Carder, Largo

Labor Day

Honor the hardworking

As Florida families celebrate the unofficial end of summer this Labor Day weekend, I'd like to recognize the hardworking men and women of the commercial construction industry. Florida's construction workers build the hospitals we are born in, the hotels and stadiums that millions of us will visit to celebrate the holiday and just about everything in between.

In addition, the construction industry has provided fulfilling careers to Americans for generations and, perhaps more than ever, remains a source of excellent career opportunities and prosperity.

Looking forward, the need for skilled construction workers is projected to grow at twice the rate of other industries. I encourage educators, families and job-seekers, including the thousands of recent high school graduates who are just entering the workforce, to explore the well-paying long-term career opportunities in the construction industry.

As you celebrate Labor Day, take a moment to recognize the dedicated workers who build America.

Steve Cona III, president/CEO, Associated Builders and Contractors, Florida Gulf Coast Chapter, Tampa

U.S. complicity in deaths | Aug. 27, letter

Hamas is to blame

The letter writer questions why the United States is supporting the deaths of children and U.N. personnel in Gaza. A better question would be: Why are U.N. schools and facilities being used to launch rockets into Israel?

If Mexico or Canada were launching rockets into the United States to the tune of hundreds a day, what would we do to stop the attacks?

The United Nations (which America funds) should not allow their facilities to be used as launching pads. Nor should children and civilians be used as human shields as the Hamas military protocol cynically calls for.

Meg Moskovitz, Tampa


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