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Sunday's letters: Just say 'no' to Legislature

Ballots will test our wits, stamina | Sept. 10

Just say 'no' to Legislature

This fall's election ballot will contain up to a mind-boggling 10 pages. We are warned to allow lots of time to complete the lengthy ballot. Much of the length is due to 11 proposed constitutional amendments.

The bottom line is that many of the proposals are designed to reduce government income. The amendments are a continuation of the right's strategy to further shrink government by cutting its income.

Voters can save considerable time by simply voting "no" to the whole mess and giving the Legislature a message to stop the game-playing.

Arnold Frigeri, Sun City Center

Guns don't belong on college campuses Sept. 9, Bill Maxwell column

Law-abiding gun owners

A citizen of Florida must be at least 21 years of age to secure a concealed weapon carry license, and that eliminates a majority of college students. That citizen must pass a criminal background check and show a minimum proficiency in the safe handling of firearms.

There is a constitutional right for all law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, and the Second Amendment does not designate college campuses, or anywhere else, as gun-free zones.

Dr. Stephen Hargarten is an activist antigun advocate and hardly qualifies as a "gun violence expert" simply because he's treated victims of criminal attacks. To try to treat criminal gun violence as a "public health issue" is ludicrous and naive.

There is no reason to prohibit college/university professors, teachers, lecturers, visitors, employees or students with a legally issued state carry permit from carrying a concealed weapon on any campus. Criminals ignore such laws. Law-abiding citizens find themselves unable to defend themselves from criminal attack while on college property.

Those with concealed weapon licenses are not the threat. Criminals who could care less about carry laws while committing assaults and murders are the threat.

Lee Hanson, Hudson

Irrational fears

One would have to search far and wide to find a finer example of the left's irrational paranoia over handguns. Bill Maxwell boasts he will quit teaching should the Legislature allow concealed handguns on college campuses, citing two examples where he felt threatened by disgruntled students. Apparently Maxwell is unaware that illegal weapons already exist on college campuses in direct violation of the law — and those weapons have unfortunately killed in spite of the law. The least of his worries should be law-abiding citizens with concealed weapons.

The left's irrational fear of handguns fuels their lust to ban them. So mortified over handguns are my liberal friends that they fear being in the same room with one, expecting the gun to mysteriously and magically morph into a murderous monster and mow them down. If the Legislature passes any law on handguns, it should be for mandatory handgun training for every liberal to cleanse them of their irrational fears.

More concerning than a student so mentally distraught he or she threatens violence over a homework assignment is the otherwise rational adult delusionally believing a simple law will protect them from that student.

Robert W. Patton Jr., Clearwater

You can handle the truth | Sept. 9

Voters must be informed

Let's do away with political parties and just have candidates. In doing this, we would be forced to listen to the candidates before voting. As it is now, most of us listen to speeches made by the party of our choice. I try to read and listen to both parties, but it is difficult because I believe a lot of what is said is a lie.

With that said, I thank you for printing the PolitiFact article. I often use the site to check facts and wish more American citizens would do the same. Politicians put their own "spin" on issues, making it difficult for the average person to know what to believe and almost impossible to check the facts.

By using PolitiFact we can make informed decisions. Why would anyone not want to get to the truth of the matter, especially before voting for the president of the United States?

Geanne Marks, St. Petersburg

Anti-Muslim group, protesters face off Sept. 12

Tell the whole story

Representatives of CAIR and other Muslim groups should be permitted to speak in Hillsborough County schools provided the speakers discuss: honor killing; killing homosexuals; killing infidels; the subjugation of women; and other niceties of sharia law.

R.J. McDarby, Valrico

Tolerance? Respect?

I find it truly ironic that I'm reading that the mission of CAIR is to "promote tolerance and respect" while listening to news about our ambassador to Libya being killed by Muslims, and our embassy in Egypt being attacked. Where is this tolerance and respect? Where was this tolerance and respect on Sept. 11, 2001?

Until Christians and Jews can practice their religion without harassment in Saudi Arabia, just as Muslims are allowed to practice their religion here in the United States, no one with any degree of intelligence can call Islam a religion of peace and tolerance.

M. Flori, Tampa

Why men fail | Sept. 12, commentary

Emerging force

David Brooks is "right on" in his analysis of the role of men (competitive) and women (cooperative) within the rapidly changing cultural matrix of today's world. Men's leadership style does not work in solving our social and economic issues. Hence, women are the emerging dominate force to solve those challenges.

Based on my 44 years of observing male and female behavior in my high school and college classes, Brooks has described very clearly what I concluded some years ago. Female students consistently worked together to succeed in their studies, while males were too distracted to achieve the same results.

Wallace Witham, Belleair Bluffs

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