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Sunday's letters: Rubio's troubling 'we got ours' mentality

Rubio's name isn't enough | Oct. 9, Bill Maxwell column

Rubio takes a 'we got ours' stand

Like Bill Maxwell, I find Marco Rubio's stand on immigration reform disingenuous and troubling. It is a "we got ours" mentality that does not sit well with other Latino groups.

I am a Latino of Cuban descent. I am also a U.S. citizen. Thousands of Cubans for the past 60-plus years have benefited from the help and generosity of the people and government of this great country. Many Cubans became U.S. citizens due to special provisions in immigration laws. Myself and many other Cubans were able to go to college and obtain degrees due to generous student loans. Cubans were helped tremendously by special "set-asides."

Rubio does not represent the views of all of Florida's Latino population and at least this Cuban-American.

Emilio Sanchez, Palm Harbor

Darwin, the market whiz | Oct. 9

Special breaks too tempting

This article presents a strong, logical case for the progressive consumption tax. However, a major consideration is missing from the argument. Congress will never give up the option to grant special exemptions to those who provide re-election support.

Even if reform of the present system to the progressive consumption tax were accomplished, the subsequent number of "loopholes" that would arise would render the reform ineffective.

Donald H. Barnhill, Trinity

Deluge of 'wild deeds' can cloud ownership Oct. 9

Rip up the 'wild deeds'

How can our laws be so bad to allow a false claim to be filed on a home? We have even named it — "wild deed." Jacob Dyck, who is a felon, has no claim or right to the ownership of any of these 100-plus properties, but our laws have allowed him to file "wild deeds" that are affecting the ownership of properties to which he has no claim. This is unbelievable.

The article says that Florida statutes require the clerk's office to file a "wild deed" without any proof of ownership. I have a very easy solution: Rip up these "wild deeds." Don't allow these innocent people to be taken advantage of due to our inexplicable laws. Then change the law.

J. Stoker, Tampa

County affirms end of fluoride | Oct. 12

A preventive health step

So far the discussions have focused on the role of tooth decay and that topical application via toothpaste can provide the same benefit. According to oral health experts, topical fluoride is more effective when fluoride is also ingested.

Fluoride also plays a role in bone health and may offer protection from brittle bone disease.

Fluoride is not widely available in food. The primary way to obtain fluoride is drinking and cooking with fluoridated water. And the number of families without the means to access routine dental visits is growing.

If we ever hope to reduce the costs of health care in this country, we need to start funding preventive services. Adding fluoride to our drinking water to levels recommended by the American Dental Association is a good place to start.

Nadine Pazder, RD, LDN, Largo

Ill-advised investigation | Oct. 11, letter

Worthy of investigation

Sen. Bill Nelson's letter is a perfect example of a Democrat spouting the politically correct party line. He should have looked into the matter in depth before telling his constituents that the investigation is ill-advised.

Planned Parenthood is being investigated in several states for alleged violations of parental consent laws, aiding and abetting sex traffickers, aiding and abetting statutory rape and child abuse, among other violations of the law. Those charges alone are reason to investigate an organization that takes in more than $300 million from the taxpayers every year.

Additionally, if the senator is so concerned about Wall Street misconduct, why didn't he insist on investigations when the Democrats were in control of both houses of Congress and could have investigated in depth?

Sharon DiPiazza, Seffner

Florida's dangerous export | Oct. 11, editorial

Benefits of gun reciprocity

I do not have a problem with a law-abiding nonresident obtaining a Florida concealed weapons permit. I don't believe the Times should be condemning Florida's reciprocity laws, since they allow Florida residents to protect themselves while driving in states that honor Florida permits.

Of course, one had better know what restrictions might apply while in a reciprocity state. If, as stated in your editorial, noneligible out-of-state persons are obtaining Florida permits, the respective states should correct their issuing procedures.

I don't see the relevance of comparing voting laws with concealed weapons laws since there is no reciprocity regarding voting laws.

Robert L. Simister, Seminole

Occupy Wall Street

For justice and democracy

Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Court justice from 1916 to 1939, said nearly a century ago: "We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both." The words are as important today as they were then.

I am a proud American and I strongly support the efforts of my fellow Americans marching for social justice and our democracy in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

May God bless the 99 percent of Americans as much as she has blessed the 1 percent among us.

Bev Noun, St. Petersburg

Pinellas schools reject grant for Scouts program | Oct. 12

Board's principled stand

I am grateful to the Pinellas County School Board members who voted against the grant for a Boy Scouts-related program. The Boy Scouts have a history of discriminating against homosexuals. They certainly should not be conducting life skills programs in our public schools.

I also object to board member Robin Wikle's statement about eliminating the program being a political statement. Discriminating against children or adults because of their sexual orientation is a human rights violation, not a political stance.

Maryellen Mariani, Seminole

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