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Sunwest Harbourtowne rezoning endangers Hernando historic sites

Project threatens historic sites

I have noticed with great concern the conditions that will be approved for the Sunwest Harbourtowne MPUD rezoning petition. More specifically the verbiage as shown in condition number 14(a-e) dealing with archaeological/historical resources.

While there has been a preliminary cultural resource assessment survey of the property, it must be understood that this survey may not include all archaeological/historical resources due to the Pasco County Register of Historic Places having not been updated or revised since initially being compiled and published in 1992, nearly 20 years ago.

I have been advised by the county legal staff that a developer is still required to check for archaeological and historical resources against the Florida Master Site File, maintained by the Florida Division of Historic Resources. While the Florida Master Site File may contain more historical resources than the county register, the state file is not a complete list of all archaeological and historical resources since it has been compiled on a voluntary submission basis and in which Pasco County refuses to submit sites claiming possible infringement of property rights. While Pasco County refuses to submit sites to the state file, our neighbors to the north in Hernando County have been diligently submitting their historic sites for years with no apparent infringement of property rights. Perhaps Pasco County needs to heed their fine example of historic preservation.

As many folks already know, the entire area of the Sunwest Harbourtowne MPUD was once the location where the native Indians who lived in the area, also gathered food from the coast and likely lived for a time, burying their dead. While many of these mounds have already been pillaged and destroyed, it should not constitute the destruction of the few remaining historic resources around them.

It is my opinion that a mitigation excavation, as defined in condition 14(a-b) will not address all historically significant resources within the subject property and/or channel and as a result will exclude areas within the development site. As a result, the development will impact what archaeological and historic resources remain. As shown in the past, this will be in direct violation of the Pasco County Comprehensive Plan since the absence of adverse impact on these resources will not be adhered to.

The first step in the right direction would be to establish an aggressive volunteer program to get these sites submitted to the state file in addition to a revision and update of the county registry of historic places.

I, as a taxpayer and voter in Pasco County, request that the Pasco County Comprehensive Plan be followed and that condition 14(a-e) of the Sunwest rezoning petition will be enforced by Pasco County and followed by the developer. However, I feel that this simple request will be disregarded as is most public input in Pasco County.

Jeff Cannon, Hudson

Many asking for help don't need it

I'm tired of seeing these people on the corner of our local intersections begging for money, food or etc. I'm guessing most are homeless. There are places they can go to get food, clothing and shelter for free.

I get up and go to work every day, and I see the same people standing on the corners. There is one man by my work asking for money for gas so he can go to a job interview. He gets money from generous people, and yet he is there every day. One day he was seen eating doughnuts out of the trash bin.

Where I work, I see hundreds of people with ebt cards (food stamps). These people for whatever reason qualify for help, but these same people spend $50 to $60 a day on junk — soda, candy, etc. — not real food. Then they pull out the iPhone and a wad of cash and buy their beer and cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Where are people's heads these days? Waiting for a handout instead of a hand up.

David Benjamin, Port Richey

Thanks to those who fight for guns and Antigun agenda violates our rights | Feb. 19 letters

Gun advocates don't see reality

"There are none so blind as those who do not see." The author of that quote must have been writing about the Feb. 19 letter writers.

No, I'm not against hunting or even protection, but these people seem to be in favor of no gun control. Anyone who reads the newspaper even one day a week should see some kind of gun control is needed.

Could Columbine have happened without guns? Could the multiple murders at Fort Hood have happened without guns? Could the multiple murders that you see almost on a daily basis have happened without the use of guns?

Yes, it's true that people kill, not guns, But, the fact is guns make killing people a lot easier.

Michael T. Lemen, New Port Richey

Picture of fatal crash unnecessary

Is it really necessary to publish a picture of a motorcycle accident where somebody was killed as you did on Feb. 20? Try to find something positive to take pictures of, please.

This is pathetic, small-time Pasco County mentality. Get real.

Mike Allen, Port Richey

Thank you to honest finder

Despite all the terrible things I read each day in the newspaper and see on TV news, and the dishonesty of many of our citizens, I am happy to report that there are still some honest people out there.

On Feb. 18, I was so preoccupied while unloading my shopping cart at Publix in Southgate shopping center, that I drove off leaving my handbag in the shopping cart. It was not until I arrived at my next stop that I noticed my handbag missing.

I would like to thank the honest citizen who found my purse and turned it in at Publix. He or she made my day.

Carole Corrigan, New Port Richey

Church's charity breaks barriers

It's amazing.

St. Michael's Catholic Church in Hudson, for reasons I do not know, has a very small number of black parishioners. Nevertheless, in their time of need, our parish raised more than $40,000 to send to Haiti. No racism here.

Al Meyer, Hudson

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