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SunWest mitigation project worries Leisure Beach resident

Mitigation plan worries neighbor

As a resident of Leisure Beach and a member of Werner Boyce Park Citizen Support Organization, I object to the mitigation project caused by the SunWest mine dredging. This should be no surprise to anyone involved; getting this far into the project without consulting adjacent neighbors has caused distrust.

To compensate for the SunWest dredging, Commissioner Jack Mariano and company plan to plow over berms adjacent to Signal Cove and Leisure Beach's access channel. The proposed construction area has remained undisturbed for about 40 years. With no presentable impact study and no guarantee that residents of Leisure Beach and Signal Cove will not be negatively impacted, we cannot allow this to go forward.

It is curious that there is so much support for SunWest Harbourtowne, a community that doesn't exist yet, and no support for the more than 1,000 homes in Leisure Beach and Signal Cove. County commissioners have not been advocates for our communities in the past and there is no reason to expect that they are acting in our interest in the case of the mitigation project.

If this project proceeds without acceptable studies and written guarantees, I am sure the voters of our communities will respond appropriately.

Jack LaManna, Hudson

Wilson sold out on school issue

Over the past several months, I have watched with astonishment as our county commissioners debated the future of our children's education vs. builders/developers' profits. As the grandmother of three school-age girls, I watched with great concern.

Thankfully, the majority of the County Commission smartened up. Unfortunately, two still did not see the light. The comments of Commissioner Henry Wilson are the most disturbing. He stated he made two campaign promises — lower impact fees and be the voice of the people. By voting to eliminate the school impact fee, Wilson strangely believes he has fulfilled both promises.

Let me see if I understand his logic. By voting to eliminate funding for schools which directly benefits builders/developers at the detriment of our children and grandchildren, Wilson thinks he is speaking for the people. Apparently he did not see and hear the hundreds of people speaking and writing e-mails opposing lowering the fee. The people attended meetings, held rallies, wrote letters and spoke strongly against helping builders/developers at the expense of our children. Who does Commissioner Wilson believe should pay for growth? Has he proposed any alternatives? Wilson has no idea what he is doing.

After only six months in office, he has sold out completely to the developers, muted the people's voice and cast children's best interests aside. Now, that's what I call Republican family values.

Sharon McCullough, New Port Richey

Choice of sheriff is pure politics | April 29 letter

Sheriff qualified, deserves a chance

The writer painted yet another great conspiracy theory as to why Maj. Chris Nocco was appointed sheriff by Gov. Scott.

The writer placed a lot of verbiage on the career of Mrs. Nocco as a lobbyist. It should be noted that she is an entrepreneur and business professional in that field. I find it amusing that the writer laments that the process is political. Well, read the Florida Constitution and elections laws, the constitutional office of sheriff is political.

The legal requirements to run for this office is simple: You must be a registered voter and run as a candidate in the party you are registered. No law enforcement experience needed. However, I should note Maj. Nocco was a Philadelphia street cop, uniformed officer in Virginia, administration professional for the Florida Highway Patrol and major of operations in Pasco. Add to this, his degrees in criminology and a master's in public administration and I see a well-rounded candidate for the office of sheriff with the qualifications the writer referenced.

I am willing to give him a chance and if he runs in 2012 I feel his leadership ability will be well displayed.

Hugh Townsend, New Port Richey

Principal of Cypress moved April 28 article

Acting principal worthy of position

I am surprised Deanna DeCubellis has a position as a "parent involvement coordinator" at the school district Title 1 office. Her non-involvement with staff, students and volunteers makes me wonder why she was selected for this sensitive position.

I actively protested her treatment of staff and volunteers at Cypress Elementary. Parents, get the phones and e-mails going quickly. (Acting prinicipal) Mr. George Papaemanuel needs to be made principal of Cypress Elementary. Parents and staff, you know the man, speak up. I did to superintendent Heather Fiorentino, and the entire School Board.

Give this man his just dues, give him the principal position permanently.

Christina Ennist, New Port Richey

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