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Superintendent Wayne Alexander needs to be replaced

Re: School chief job hunt to go on | June 3

Alexander needs to be replaced

School superintendent Dr. Wayne Alexander continues an unsuccessful search for similar position in New England states. Probably, he will do so for remaining 12 months of his Hernando contract, while receiving full salary. Meanwhile, front-line teachers and other staff with longer Hernando service are laid-off to cut costs.

Dr. Alexander should be replaced now to stabilize the school system and raise staff morale for students' effective education. Further, the previous School Board, with its ex-teacher majority membership, apparently failed to investigate Dr. Alexander thoroughly before confirming his appointment.

Maybe, a return to community election of school superintendent is needed.

James A. Willan, Brooksville

Less government, fewer problems

I just happened to meet Len Tria in passing on June 2, and as we were discussing the problems our county is facing, I recalled that a few years ago Len headed up a 25-member group that delved into every facet of county government. And, I remember one main conclusion that Len's group made: Reduce the size of government.

Gee, if we had done it then, would we be going through this heartache now?

Nick Morana, Spring Hill

Enforcement of codes works well

I felt I should relate a recent experience with our county's Code Enforcement Department.

The home next door was bought as a rental property a few years ago and we have had three different neighbors in that time. They all have, for the most part, kept up the home and maintained the yard. I won't get into the huge barking dogs that they all seem to have. The rear yard has a six-foot chain link fence.

The last tenants moved out several weeks ago. On the Monday afterward, a crew working for the owner began working inside the home. When I came home on Tuesday afternoon, there was several large cardboard boxes and a pile of other material waiting for the trash pick-up, which was luckily scheduled for the next day. After our usual gully-washing downpour that night, there was a solid mass of soaked paper in the driveway next to ours. The trash guys, of course, left the mess there.

As we all know, there are many obviously vacant homes in Spring Hill now with trash in the yard and landscaping out of control. I called Code Enforcement that day, hoping to have them contact the owner. I had to leave a message.

The next morning I called early to see if my message had gotten through. The lady that answered said they were aware of the problem and would be out there as soon as possible.

We were at work the next day, but had a fellow doing some work at our house when Code Enforcement showed up. He checked out the debris and noted other issues. He left a citation on the door. The following day the crew from the owner was back, cleaned up the trash, cut the grass and trimmed the shrubs. A miracle!

We can be proud of this county department. I know they are short-staffed and being asked to do more because of the many vacant homes. We in our neighborhood appreciate them for their prompt attention to this matter.

Fred Montgomery, Spring Hill

Services should be available to all

At approximately noon on May 30, two members of Spring Hill Baptist Church went to the West Hernando Transfer Station to dispose of trash. The trash consisted of different sizes of wood boards, plywood and some plastic containers.

On arrival at the transfer station, our driver showed a worker a letter from our church. He said, "We don't think that you can dump here." Our driver said that he was a resident of Hernando County and so was the passenger. The attendant said "Well, the church doesn't pay taxes anyway so you can't dump here." There was no other reason given as to why we could not use the West Hernando Transfer Station other than the fact that we were from a church and our church doesn't pay taxes. Our driver then took the wood to the Northwest Solid Waste. Waste was accepted without any problem.

Under what authority does the attendant have to refuse access to solid waste disposal because a church does not pay taxes? Would the same issue apply if we were in need of any other type of public service like law enforcement or fire/rescue?

Pastor Ray Rouse, Spring Hill

Story brings back fond memories

I just read the article by Beth N. Gray on the Web site regarding John Murray Smart. My father-in-law was also with the 453rd heavy bomber group in the 8th Air Force. The article talks about the bomber jacket that Mr. Smart can still put on and wear. My father-in-law passed away three years ago and I miss him terribly. About 11 years ago, the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., placed a memorial to the B-24 and we were all there to watch. It was a beautiful, hot Colorado day but what makes that day so special is that after the unveiling of the model of the plane, my father-in-law presented my son, who was 14 at the time, his bomber jacket. My son was so proud of that jacket that he wore it all day and the temperatures were in the mid 80s.

My father-in-law too, flew out of Old Buckham in England and he was a nose gunner with the Erwin crew, his commanding officer was Jimmy Stewart and Walter Matthau was also in the 453rd.

Thank you for allowing me to tell you my story. Seeing the picture of the jacket brought back memories of that day.

Andrea R. Morroni, Littleton Colo.

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