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Take a closer look at curbside recycling

Missing from mayor's green plan: curbside recycling | May 25, story

Deeper thoughts about recycling

After reading the recent article regarding the lack of curbside recycling in St. Petersburg and the reasons why, I was left wondering a couple of things.

The first was profitability: If curbside recycling would run in the red, why is Greg Foster approaching it as a business venture with St. Pete Recycling Solutions?

Second, if the trucks use so much fuel, why do they run their routes twice a week for trash pickup? Couldn't one day be for trash pickup and one for recycling? That method would not add any extra fuel costs for the city.

It takes my household of two nearly a month to fill up the large city trash bins. Most of our "trash" goes to recycling.

Mayor Rick Baker, you need to reassess what is really best for our community!

Christina Aikman, St. Petersburg

Tierra Verde annexation

Reject annexation

As a resident of Tierra Verde, I was somewhat relieved to read that the Environmental Development Commission nixed the idea of a St. Petersburg development project in 2007 because of residents' concerns that it would bring excess traffic and parking problems to residential neighborhoods, dwarf adjacent buildings, and cast long winter shadows on their homes.

We have a similar problem with the proposed annexation of the two marinas and adjacent commercial property at the north end of our island and the development it would bring. While we have not seen detailed building plans, we know that the owners are asking to be annexed so they can build higher and more densely than what the county currently allows. And we assume the only thing motivating the mayor and the City Council on this deal is the money: Without height and density, there will be no additional revenue.

These properties not only butt up against single-family homes, they straddle the only entrance to that neighborhood. Additionally, the city is proposing to provide police protection for the new area with existing resources — a sham when we know they cannot effectively provide for the security of their current communities.

Unlike in 2007, if the city is successful with annexation here, none of the residents will wield any power in future development decisions. The noncontiguous enclave the city will create contains no registered voters. The only residents of the area to be annexed were living on their boats in the marina and were compelled to change their legal addresses. And the remaining 5,000 residents of Tierra Verde who will have to live with the development have no representation within the city government. It may be time for a tea party.

Betsy Judge, Tierra Verde

In defense of the lawyers

May 25, guest column

Respect lawyers

Some time ago, an older, wiser, seasoned lawyer sternly told me that there was nothing funny about lawyer jokes. As a new attorney, I suppose I did not see the harm in an occasional joke about the profession. However, over the years, I have come to agree with the advice of that older and wiser colleague.

Judge John C. Lenderman's guest column eloquently affirms the role of lawyers as the agents of justice. At the end of the day, what do lawyers do for our clients? We solve our clients' problems, whether related to a divorce, buying a home, discrimination in the workplace or defending a criminal charge.

While you may not equate the importance of a lawyer's work to that of an ER physician applying defibrillators to a patient suffering a heart attack, I submit that what we do for clients is just that important.

Next time you hear a lawyer joke, consider whom you will call in your time of need. And then know that a lawyer will answer that call and diligently work to solve whatever problem lies before you.

Charles R. Gallagher III,

St. Petersburg

Lynn Marshall and his Pioneer Camp

A gift to all of us

My family and I moved from St. Petersburg to Cape Cod almost two years ago. It was a difficult transition for all of us. Our 12-year-old daughter left many lovely friends, a warm church family and school. One thing she has been determined not to miss, however, is Pioneer Camp.

She began at 6 years old, a shy and watchful child, and "Mr. Lynn" made her feel very welcome and secure. She cherishes all the wonderful things she has learned from him and the fantastic team experiences they shared over the years.

We arranged our summer vacation around Pioneer Camp last year, and many of our daughter's friends signed up for the same week so they could enjoy a reunion. She says that this year they will repeat the activities she first loved when she was 6, and we are signing her up again!

During our daughter's first year, Mr. Lynn welcomed me to stay during camp to help her transition and feel comfortable. I was deeply impressed by the high consciousness of the social education, personal insights, careful observation and unconditional reverence offered to all the children by Lynn Marshall.

I only discovered recently on the Internet that he has been through this terrible public challenge, and I just want to add my voice to the many that he is an absolute gem and that his continuance will allow many more children's lives to be blessed. A man who has faced personal hardship and grown to use his gifts so well and wisely is a gift to all of us by his example and a gift to children who face struggles of their own.

I have unwavering respect and fondness for him and his wonderful camp. Our children desperately need these experiences of learning to band together and help one another, rather than constantly competing, in order to build a more harmonious and healthy society than the one with which they are currently provided.

Susan C. Kaiser-McBride,

East Falmouth, Mass.

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