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Teacher's attitude about fundamental school seems elitist

Re: Coachman loses in school merger, letter, Dec. 26

Teacher's attitude seems elitist

What a hateful attitude Patricia D'Andrea has shown in her objection to the Coachman Fundamental/Kennedy Middle school merger. I hope my children never encounter a teacher like her.

I am the product of a school within a school, much like the one proposed for Coachman/Kennedy. The students in our program came from all over our city and rarely interacted with the other students at either of the elementary or middle schools we attended. Even at lunch and recess, we kept to ourselves and the other kids kept to themselves.

We received the benefits of our program while keeping an otherwise under-attended neighborhood school open. We were in no way harmed.

To refer to any traditional school as mediocre ignores the fact that not all children have a family situation that would allow them to qualify for fundamental. With the long waiting list of students, perhaps they tried but did not "win the lottery," as fundamental parents are so fond of reminding the rest of us.

I hope she does not pass her elitist views on to her students.

Rosemary Vieira, Palm Harbor

Re: Library hours are not convenient, letter, Dec. 26

Be happy you have a library

Clearwater's Countryside Library (my library) was not singled out in the budget cutbacks. The hours left are perfectly fine with me. I am a resident of Countryside and it is working out just fine.

The letter writer bemoans the fact that it is open during the day, and not necessarily for the "working" class.

Countryside is supported and loved by those of us who are retired, working and working class (whatever that means in this economy). The only reason I can think that this person wants it open in the evening is that the annoying tutors can have a shot at doing that again.

I like the new hours and work my schedule around them. I am writing this from another library now. That writer needs to be reminded there are others open when Countryside is not.

There are libraries nationally which are being shut down, period. Let's be grateful for what we have.

Happy new year.

Mrs. Harriet P. Sherwood, Clearwater

Protect area's citrus trees

Recently I visited Clearwater and, like many, I went to the citrus grove that was behind Orange Blossom Groves at the corner of U.S. 19 and Belleair Road. I was very surprised to see many orange and grapefruit trees missing for the development of a car dealership.

What a mess. Where are your zoning rules to protect your environment? U.S. 19 has too many car dealers. It is a very bad choice to accept destruction of a citrus grove.

As a visitor, it hurt to see those things. Why spend so much on your infrastructure while destroying the beauty of this county? Is it only money that counts?

Claude Gladu, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Lights inspiring at Largo gardens

What an inspiring and uplifting experience my husband and I had when we went out to the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo on Christmas Eve.

The light display was incredible — far superior to other years — and the number of visitors that we shared this with was a great increase over previous years.

We were so inspired we went down and shared yet another wondrous display at Largo Central Park.

If this is our tax dollars at work, keep it up! What a great way to forget the "stuff' and be able to just enjoy!

Kathy Pabst Robshaw, Largo

Editor's note:The holiday light display at the Florida Botanical Gardens will continue from 6 to 10 p.m. through Sunday. There is no charge. The gardens are located at 12520 Ulmerton Road in Largo.

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