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Teacher's legacy will live on

Anclote High School

Teacher deserves acknowledgment

This is in response to the Pasco School Board naming the new high school in Holiday. I understand the board had a big challenge to choose a name that would certainly be remembered throughout the county, when and if it should do well.

I have been all over our great state for school tournaments of one kind or another, and never once has the name of the school helped in locating it on a map or the Internet for directions.

My children never had the pleasure of having Mr. Hulton as an educator, they were just lucky enough to get to know him and his wonderful family through church. This man still inspires my son who is pursuing a degree in education, and also his brother, an engineer.

In his words, you can't help unless you become a part of the process. This little saying they learned through volunteering with Mr. Hulton. That service to your country and church are fundamental in life.

It would have been nice to have the new high school bear this wonderful man's name and legacy, but be assured that some day he will have all the acknowledgments he deserves.

The children he touched are just beginning to stand up in society, and they will make sure he is known. God will make sure he is known. Hopefully he will have some organization's building named after him. That will be a wonderful testament to the person he was and the people he inspired.

Martha McCarthy, New Port Richey

Disappointed with school name | Sept. 4 letter

Name couldn't please everyone

I was a little disappointed in the letter regarding the name of Anclote High School. No matter what name they would have chosen, someone would have been disappointed.

I attended Gulfside Elementary, Gulf Junior High (back then) and, also Gulf Comprehensive High School (back then). No one was ever confused nor do I think anyone is going to be confused with this new high school name.

Let's be proud that our School Board was able to get a new high school, as overcrowding in our schools is a bigger issue than the name of the school. Let's have some praise for our School Board members instead of the disappointing comments. They hear enough of that.

Sara Brandt, New Port Richey

Schools' drug policy Sept. 5 letter

Policy better than the first proposed

I agree with the letter writer's premise that this policy is an erosion of the rights of school employees, and an essentially unnecessary one given the small number of cases that prompted the need.

While even one drunk or drug-addicted employee is too many, the imposition of such a draconian policy to address a problem of a handful of employees (out of thousands) over many years seems overkill. Of course, it plays well for a superintendent seeking re-election.

However, USEP was painted into a corner — any real attempt to fight this policy would be portrayed as protecting school employees who are engaging on criminal activities. Rest assured that USEP did not sit by idly.

The policy that finally emerged at least offers some protection to accused employees. The superintendent's original proposal had the accused employee paying for the testing, regardless of the result, and was lacking in specifics regarding the implementation of the testing.

The original proposal was another example of this superintendent's propensity to offer nice-sounding (to voters) proposals that are lacking in detail.

Patrick Connolly, Zephyrhills

Come on home, Legg, your district is waiting Sept. 4 editorial

Legg's residence not relevant issue

The double-standard in the media is once again showing. This editorial, critical of Rep. John Legg's place of residence, is the icing on the cake. During the recently ended primary race not a single editorial appeared pointing out the fact that one of the candidates for Pasco Sheriff did not live in Pasco.

Rep. Legg is a lifelong resident of Pasco County and is both a property owner and a taxpayer. He should be given kudos for working to find a home large enough for the growing family he supports. The unfortunate real estate marketing slump has made that difficult for him, as it has for so many others in our community. Nonetheless, he is trying as hard as he can to do what is right for both his family and his constituency.

It is obvious why fewer and fewer people are reading this newspaper. When non-issues such as this warrant front page headlines and a subsequent editorial, it is obvious that the paper's bias is showing, and people are getting tired of it. Stick to the issues and keep the discussion on policies, the candidate's platform, and his record in office, not on non-issues that have nothing to do with Rep. Legg's accomplishments as a legislator.

Jessica Meredith, New Port Richey

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