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Thanks to volunteers who helped jailed homeowner replace lawn

The story of Joseph Prudente, who was jailed when he did not resod his lawn, has captured the attention of many people throughout Pasco County and the Tampa Bay area.

CHRIS PRICE | Special to the Times

The story of Joseph Prudente, who was jailed when he did not resod his lawn, has captured the attention of many people throughout Pasco County and the Tampa Bay area.

Residents break out green thumb Oct. 13 article

Many thanks to all the volunteers

I would like to thank everyone who came out to help the Prudente family replace their yard. Andy Law, Jack Mariano and Bob White should be proud they helped this man out of a mess other inconsiderate people put him in.

Judge W. Lowell Bray said he believed this man could avoid jail time. What part of no money did he not hear? No bail. Even accused killers can get bail. To Bob Ryan of Beacon Woods, did you not know how hard it is to grow grass? Did you forget about water restrictions?

Watch out Beacon Woods residents you could be next. Such a disgrace!

Lisa Elrod, Hudson

Land of the free, but water the lawn

Ignoring a court order wasn't a wise decision but the association needs to work with these types of cases rather than send letters and take people to court.

Come to America, the land of the free but make sure you keep your grass green or you go to jail and lose what little you may have.

Richard Maier, Trinity

Association put lawn before man

After reading the article, I was ashamed, disgusted and very thankful I do not live there. I think the homeowners association has its priorities mixed up. Yes, you might be a deed restricted neighborhood, but did the association drive down every street there and count how many homes are in foreclosure?

Here's a man trying to make ends meet and you jail him? For a brown yard? If he lost his home to foreclosure, would you then take the bank to court and want them jailed for not replacing it? Is the lawn that important? Or is having someone keeping their home and not losing it to foreclosure more important?

Sounds like the association needs to get some heart and change its bylaws to deal with this economic crisis and change them back when things get better economically.

Cindy Daily, Holiday

Group piled on the troubles

Wow! That poor man picked the wrong neighborhood. What a nasty group Beacon Woods Association must be.

This man had his mortgage increased by $600 per month, his car repossessed, and then was charged with almost $800 in legal fees incurred by the organization. Unbelievable. All because of a broken sprinkler and a brown lawn.

It would have been so simple for a few of the neighbors to help him out.

Marilyn Dunnigan, Hudson

Jailed over brown lawn? Ridiculous

Thank you so much Judge Lowell Bray for removing this diabolical, dangerous threat to society from of the streets of Pasco County.

You'll never know how much better I sleep at night knowing that brave men, of outstanding wisdom like you are watching over our judicial system.

For the residents of Beacon Woods: How do you feel this incident will affect your property value?

Charles Coffiey, Hudson

How could judge send man to jail?

Shame on you, Beacon Woods Civic Association, for suing Joseph Prudente, a member of your community, for failure to have sod placed on his lawn. Shame on you too, Circuit Judge W. Lowell Bray for your ridiculous decision to send him to jail.

Have you all no compassion? The man is a senior citizen who is a victim of the declining economy of our country. He has already lost his car. His mortgage has increased an exorbitant amount. He is sheltering his daughter and grandchildren who have also fallen on hard times.

A green lawn is lovely to look at but it is merely grass. It does not put a roof over one's head nor food in one's stomach. He is not a criminal. He is simply a man who has his priorities straight — keeping a roof over his head and paying for ordinary necessities.

Using a jail cell as a debtors prison for him is an outrage. Jail cells should be used for criminals who really deserve them.

Dorothyann Reilly, Port Richey

Association lacks any compassion

Now that the Beacon Woods Civic Association has had their day in court they can return home and enjoy their pristine lawns while gloating over the victory with Mr. Prudente.

I question if these upstanding citizens have thoroughly read the papers in the past few months; they have been filled with the heartbreaking stories of families all over the Tampa Bay area. Too many have either been evicted from their homes or are horrifically close to that point as a result of our steadily worsening economy.

Anyone who has grandparents or are a part of the older generation know that the elderly are often times too proud to admit they have fallen upon hard times and as a result become belligerent and combative in their embarrassment, which only adds fuel to the fire.

A modicum of compassion on the part of the civic association might have gone a long way toward healing an open wound and remedying the situation on both sides of this tragic story.

Barb Capodanno, Odessa

Thanks to volunteers who helped jailed homeowner replace lawn 10/13/08 [Last modified: Monday, October 20, 2008 5:29pm]
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