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The people are with Obama

"No" is no solution | Feb. 18, editorial

The people are with Obama

Historically, presidents who seriously attempted to address the problems of lower- and middle-class America attracted the ire of the rich and powerful. Simply, the wealthy have no desire to create an independent middle class and strive to enhance their riches. Control is their aim, both of money and people.

Both Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt received endless vilification from powerful conservatives. Both presidents understood the importance of rallying citizens who understood their honorable motives and compassion.

President Obama knows the power of public support, which he is getting, and will carry him past the denigration, both Democratic and Republican. Whatever the success of the bailouts, Obama will get what he wants and steamroller those who oppose him. I am convinced public support for him will not wane. He is truly a president of, by, and for the people. If I lose every dime I have, I am proud to support him.

Marc J. Yacht, Hudson

On a spending spree

Wednesday's editorial concerning our local Republican legislators who voted no on the stimulus package is truly a testament of your constant liberal bias.

I could have accepted a modest spending package with dollars going for infrastructure improvements to our nation. But this package is just a spending spree with rewards to all the liberal/left wing groups and unions that helped get Barack Obama elected.

I thank the Lord that all of the Republican House and most of the Senate voted against this measure.

Joseph Kempeneer, Valrico

"No" is no solution | Feb. 18, editorial

History backs the wisdom of tax cuts

With a stinging partisan attack on four Florida congressional representatives, the St. Petersburg Times continues to ignore history. What is wrong with tax cuts as a means to stimulate the economy?

John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush all demonstrated that lowering marginal rates for people and businesses that pay the lion's share of taxes stimulates the economy and increases tax revenues. The current recession is a direct result of two wars, several major and minor hurricanes, out-of-control spending by both Democrat and Republican Congresses and government meddling in the housing market dating back to the Carter administration.

The way out of the present economic mess is to cut spending and stimulate the economy with aggressive tax cuts. Governments cannot create wealth, they can only redistribute it, and no government has ever taxed and spent its way out of a recession.

The New Deal model the administration is mimicking did not end the Great Depression. In spite of massive make-work programs, unemployment rates remained above 15 percent until World War II. It's 1933 all over again. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

T.S. "Mac" McDonnell, St. Petersburg

Governors know

As governments from city hall to Washington struggle to reverse the worst economic failure since the Great Depression, the Republican Party has adopted Rush Limbaugh's hope that President Obama will fail.

Republicans in Congress are so worried about passing debt to our children, but where were they when George Bush ran up $5 trillion in debt?

Republican governors were begging for passage of the stimulus bill because they know how their people are suffering. Florida's Gov. Charlie Crist was criticized by the Republican Party for endorsing the stimulus. He acted in the best interest of the people of Florida. This is what statesmen do. Crist enjoys an approval rating around 70 percent for putting the people of Florida ahead of partisan politics.

Stan Clewett, Homosassa

"No" is no solution | Feb. 18, editorial

Voting advice

Thank you for publishing in big, bold type who among our Florida representatives did not vote for the stimulus bill.

It appears you were hoping to diminish their support, but you have just pointed out the people I should be supporting in future election cycles.

It takes courage to fight against the wave of pressure to spend America into oblivion. What should have been a no-brainer for any intelligent person has somehow been lost in the rush to support an inexperienced president with a corrupt legislature behind him.

Rita Symmes, Tampa

"No" is no solution | Feb. 18, editorial

Government not needed

I assert that no government intervention is the only solution. Our politicians must realize that they caused these economic problems. Unfortunately, they now feel they have to fix them. I'm not sure when we, the people, decided that the federal government would save us from all of life's difficulties.

It is audacious for the Times to believe that spending almost a trillion dollars of borrowed money is the only reasonable option in this scenario. This editorial wastes over a half page of print, not with a reasoned argument, but with boldfaced letters blaring the "No" votes of our Republican congressmen.

Cutting income taxes and corporate tax rates (as suggested by the above mentioned representatives) would have created new wealth, inspired American ingenuity, and allowed poorly run companies to fail. In short, it would empower hardworking Americans to get ahead on their own accord.

Nathan Stonecipher, St. Petersburg

"No" is no solution | Feb. 18, editorial

Remember their records

This was a most interesting editorial, especially since each of these representatives have been recommended for re-election by the Times.

Perhaps your editorial board should take note the next time these "public servants," who all supported spending billions on an unnecessary and disastrous war in Iraq, stand for re-election.

Bill Adams, St. Petersburg

The 'no' strategy

Just say "no" and hope for the worst. That is the obvious calculation of the Republicans as they work out strategies to regain political dominance nationally. Misery be damned.

Of course, things weigh on the GOP side. The impossible economic burdens handed Barack Obama have no real solution. We are just at the beginning of taking our medicine, which most will not swallow without raging.

Hopefully our historical memory will last long enough to remember who was more on our side as we slip down the slide. Heck, most of us can't remember what we ate last night, so I've got money on "no" being a victory chant for 2010 and later.

Dale Friedley, St. Petersburg

A stimulus plan for one | Feb. 16, commentary

Giving my money away

I read with interest Robert Steinback's column on Monday. He talks of a stimulus plan where he spreads around money the government gives him.

What he fails to understand is the government will not give him their money; they will give him mine. I worked for it and he wants it. The "government" has no money except what it takes from working citizens. I am tired of paying the bills for folks who won't get a job. I have worked at a few jobs I did not like to pay my bills. Steinback should try flipping burgers. It's good honest work and pays the bills.

President Ronald Reagan was right: The government is the problem, not the solution.

Les Rayburn, Dade City

A stimulus plan for one | Feb. 16, commentary

Stimulating writing

I very much enjoyed reading Robert Steinback's article. Not only did he hit the nail on the head about what many people feel would really stimulate our economy, but he did so in a light-hearted and humorous way that left me wanting to read more. I would love to see more articles from this writer in your paper. Heck, I might even start a subscription.

Jill Maldonado, Largo

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