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The world isn't safe for kids to walk to school anymore

Walking to school is often a safe bet | Dan DeWitt column Aug. 21

The world isn't so safe anymore

I feel your column is an insult to every concerned parent living in Hernando County. You sound like you're living in another time as you are actually comparing today's world to the world you lived in growing up.

I'm a grandmother and I grew up in the 1940s in the Bronx and I remember once walking home from my friend's house up the street at 11 in the evening. No one worried back then. Nowadays, I wouldn't even want to see a child walk at that hour from next door.

Mr. DeWitt, with all due respect, I feel your remarks are ridiculous, as are the other columnists who agreed with you. You say we're pampering our children? I envy you for living in a fantasy world and not seeming to be in touch with life as it sadly is today. Are there really parents out there who are not concerned about their kids walking alone?

I would like to know if there are actually parents out there who agree with you and are not unhappy about the buses being taken away. Are there really parents okay with this?

Hard to imagine.

Linda Bloom, Spring Hill

School Board is ignoring the law

During the period 1986 or thereabouts, the Hernando County School Board began an initiative to reshape the South Brooksville community. Shortly thereafter, it submitted plans to rebuild Moton Elementary further south and across the truck route.

The Hernando County School Board ignored the existing Florida law which stated that a primary school must be built in a community, that parents and students should be able to walk to the school, and that the school must be used as a community facility whenever school is not in progress.

In rebuilding Moton Elementary, the Hernando County School Board justified its actions by stating that the current location of Moton Elementary was the only available parcel in South Brooksville large enough to build the new school.

Why did the Hernando School Board ignore the fact that it owned over 25 acres surrounding the old Moton High School complex that was supposed to be used for expansion? Why did the Hernando School Board renege on its promise and obligation to build a street in South Brooksville that would lead to the new Moton Elementary School across the truck route.

In order for the Hernando County School Board to gain approval to develop a school across the truck route, it had to provide plans to construct a cross-walk above the truck route, which at the time was a two lane route. Hernando County School Board reneged on its obligation, causing children in the South Brooksville community to have to be bused to a primary school that is outside of their community.

Now the Hernando County School Board has again flexed its racial injustice by discontinuing the busing services for South Brooksville children who attend Moton Elementary.

The Hernando County School Board still owns over 25 acres in South Brooksville. The land that was once the Moton High School football field is now fenced in by the Hernando School Board. If the board has no intentions of building a school on the property, then why is the board still holding on to property that was allotted for a school? The community has a need for this property.

I thought that there was at least one African-American on the Hernando School Board who understands the plight of the citizens of South Brooksville, but I guess not.

Richard L. Howell, Brooksville

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