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There's no good reason to give up a car

Dial up, chime in on area transit plan | May 3, editorial

No good reason to give up a car

The light rail system being proposed is a complete waste of money.

I don't see any good point that I would give up my car for. It's not faster. It is not more convenient. Taking up one lane of road for the empty buses will make traffic worse. Most of the time there are fewer than five passengers on the buses I see.

The buses get you to a neighborhood, not necessarily to your destination. The light rail cars have to stop at all crossings, or the other traffic has to stop. How does that help congestion?

Our county is not laid out for an efficient bus system. There are very few big destinations. Buses will not help get cars off the road if people won't use them.

A monorail system could be built above the Pinellas Trail, with stations about 5 miles apart, with minivans at each station that you could call to come to your home to pick you up and with another at your destination if needed. The monorail could go about 70 mph. If there were no passengers at a station, it would not stop.

This would take cars off the road. People would use it. If I could get to St. Petersburg or the airport in less time than driving and not have to park my car, it would be foolish not to use it.

But to spend a fortune on a 100-year-old system that very few people would use is a waste of taxpayer money.

Edwin K. Sabala, Belleair

Uhurus offer bounty to cops April 30, story

Uhurus should treat causes of problems

Once again, the world of logic and reason has been turned on its collective head by the Uhuru movement in St. Petersburg. (The group is offering $1,500 to any police officer who provides testimony leading to the conviction of another law enforcement officer in the shooting deaths of four young black men.)

Why doesn't this group spend its resources trying to solve the real problems that plague its communities?

Teach the intrinsic value and virtues of education and citizenship to the children and young adults, and I guarantee that substantial, life-altering changes will result. Within a few years, you will no longer have a high poverty rate and an endless parade of police shootings where overly aggressive teens make extremely bad decisions.

Offer rewards for citizen informants who help with the prosecution of known drug dealers and violent criminals, thieves and thugs. Provide mentoring and support to pregnant teens so that they escape the dead-end examples of those they now seem to admire. And finally, help the high school dropouts learn to read and write so that they have a fighting chance of finding a job and turning the job into a career.

In short, they should stop treating the symptoms of poverty and crime and start treating the root causes, for once.

The keys to lasting freedom and a better life do not lie in bounties. They lie in personal accountability and hard work.

Cregg McKinney, Palm Harbor

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There's no good reason to give up a car 05/09/09 [Last modified: Saturday, May 9, 2009 4:31am]
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