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This candidate puts county before Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart could find needed pal on board | Aug. 5 Dan Dewitt column

This candidate puts county first

As I read Dan Dewitt's column, I was not surprised at all about the perception that comes with working for the world's largest company. This was something that I had thought about long before I made my decision to run for public office. Mr. Dewitt did bring up a few valid concerns.

I knew from the beginning that folks would shy away from me because of where I work. I knew the supporters of my opponents would attack me personally for this. I have talked to hundreds of residents the last few months and have came to the conclusion that the overwhelming majority does not really care where I work or what I do. I refuse to be intimidated by a few folks that are grasping at straws in a last-ditch effort to sway the vote. I will work even harder to reach out to as many voters as I can.

Rest assured that my number one priority will be Hernando County and the overall well-being of the residents. I have no issue at all if I have to quit my job. It is not about the money, it is about quality of life. Wal-Mart is what I do, it is not who I am.

William (Billy) Healis

Candidate for County Commission

District 5 (Republican)

The facts don't support column

Shouldn't Dan Dewitt's column about Wal-Mart's feared influence over County Commission candidate Billy Healis have been on the editorial page?

The few facts that were included in the article, all of which were flattering, were obscured by unfounded speculation of future impropriety. Billy is already a faithful public servant, and has dedicated himself to the betterment of our county for years. And, if elected, he could do so much more! Plus, he's a businessman, which we need more of in our government, at all levels.

It's bad enough that we're bombarded daily with e-mails spreading rumors about candidates. We should be able to count on our newspapers to report facts, not slanderous suppositions. There are plenty of politicians with real dirt on them you can dig up, without inventing scandals about a man who is an honest, hard-working family man who wants to have a hand in improving our county's future.

Stick to the facts on the front page, and leave trashy gossip to the opinion page.

Barbara Newlin, Spring Hill

This leader won't soon be forgotten

With her retirement quickly approaching, it's high time that Hernando County's schools' leader, Sandra Nicholson, receive her due respect. It is in this spirit I feel compelled to pay homage to our school district's fearless warrior — a woman of who, in spite of a lack of any mentionable education, mustered the courage to take the reins of our county's educational system. Only a woman of letters with a keen sense of irony could attempt — and accomplish —such a feat. Today, I salute you, Sandra Nicholson.

Your humble servants — your employees, and students, and parents, and electorate — will miss you dearly. The day is soon upon us when we, strolling down memory lane at the Hernando Instructional Television archives, will fall drunk with nostalgia, watching digital re-runs of your heroic bravado and chivalry while commanding the chambers of 919 N Broad St. We will laugh with you when you mock concerned parents, daring to question your impeccable judgment; roll our eyes as you roll yours while belittling know-nothing students, daring to have their voices heard and engage the democratic process. Our eyes will water as we reminisce the frothing-at-the-mouth contempt for all stakeholders in the county's school district you brought with you to your throne upon School Board's altar. Our hearts will warm while watching you put a halt to any field trip a staff member dare propose. And our enduring spirit of freedom will be reaffirmed every time you attempt to have Harry Potter and any other demon-conjuring, soul-endangering book exorcised from our libraries and lay to rest, once and for all, that insidious, anti-American document — the First Amendment.

In short, we will long for the days when School Board members abandoned eloquence and intelligence and civility (what place do they have in the world of education anyway?) and relied on crude, shrill, home-spun simplemindedness. You are a woman truly impervious to the malignant forces of intellect and critical thought — the constitution of the a so-called enlightened man.

You will not be forgotten, Mrs. Nicholson. Never. You've inspired us all.

Kevin Cullen, Spring Hill

Gas station bilks people with fee

As is the norm nowadays, my wife and I recently looked for decent gas prices on the intersection of Barclay and Spring Hill Drive. The Mobil posted a cost of $3.859 a gallon so we went there. Upon swiping my credit card the amount on the pump read $3.909 per gallon. I went in and inquired why there was a 5-cent difference and I was told that since I was using a credit card or debit card, there was a 5 cent per gallon extra charge. No other gas station does this. Not the BP station across the street nor the 7-Eleven off to the side.

We ended up going to the Shell at Barclay and Elgin to pay 3.839 per gallon using a credit card and not paying an extra fee for using the credit card. The owner/manager of the Mobil station should be ashamed to be bilking people who are already struggling with the gas prices. This station will never see another dime of our money again.

Ray Thompson, Spring Hill

Small businesses need our help

Our heartfelt thoughts and best wishes go out to the Zarcone family, owners of the Ram's Restaurant, who, after 11 years, were forced to close their doors due to the economic nightmare we all face. It's times like these that make one realize just how vulnerable the small businessman is. With no corporate headquarters to fall back on, a couple of slow weeks can spell doom.

As a concerned citizen and small business owner, I implore you all to support the little guy before he too falls victim to this recession, correction, collapse, or whatever they choose to call it this week.

Make no mistake, when the dust finally settles, the chain restaurants and all the other cookie-cutter establishments will still be standing. As for the small independent family business, well that's up to us.

Mark Peloquin, Spring Hill

There's more to news than schools

I cannot believe that the majority of your news in the Hernando Times is about school issues. I realize that people are interested in these issues but there is other news within the county. If anything happens within the county you have to get another newspaper to find out about it.

You built that beautiful new building and I had hoped that you would start to compete with the other publication and give the complete news about the county.

I have subscribed to the Times for a good many years, while I lived in St. Petersburg and now for the last 11 years in Brooksville. I know you can do a lot better so please give us the complete news picture not only school news.

Albert Mott, Brooksville

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