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Thursday letters: Gov. Crist is a man of integrity

Gov. Crist is a man of integrity

For the past two years, I have watched intelligent people stoop to new lows in the name of party loyalty. I am a Democrat but vote for Republicans when I believe they have a better idea or move in the right direction. I, too, believe in party loyalty, but when they are wrong, they are wrong!

Gov. Charlie Crist is the epitome of integrity. It is so sad to watch his party try to destroy him because he followed the will of the people in vetoing Senate Bill 6 and supported the federal stimulus package because it would help people in Florida.

Gov. Crist is the people's governor in the strongest sense of the word. He needs to know that many Democrats and independents applaud his leadership and hope that he doesn't let "party loyalty" make him someone else. Hang in there, governor!

Ellen G. Murphy, Seffner

Remember his past

The ambivalent Gov. Charlie Crist seems to be in a shilly-shallying mode as he vacillates between his decisions and flitters like a butterfly from one plan to the next in his attempt to defeat Marco Rubio in the upcoming Republican primary race for the U.S. Senate. Will he continue running as a Republican or will he run as an independent, or will he simply drop out of the race, as the Florida Republican Party gurus are suggesting that he do?

Regardless, I am hopeful that Florida's teachers don't vote for him simply because he did the right thing by vetoing the significantly flawed, ambiguous Senate Bill 6 that state Sen. John Thrasher's sponsored.

I sincerely hope the teachers will remember that it was Crist who sold out the taxpayers to the developers by giving them carte blanche to destroy our wetlands and pave over what little bit of Florida that they have not already paved. Not to mention his appointment of his buddy George LeMieux to fill the Senate seat that Mel Martinez vacated in order to hold it for him.

Crist has spent more time kissing up to Barack Obama and running for the U.S. Senate than he has in running the state of Florida.

Ed Prange, Tampa

New call for Crist: Quit, for good of GOP April 20

Is GOP overlooking what's good for Floridians?

Former state Republican Party chairman Al Cardenas is quoted in the article as stating that Gov. Charlie Crist should either "stay the course as a Republican despite the overwhelming odds or step aside for the good of the party."

Excuse me! What about the good of the people of Florida? Do the needs of the party supersede the needs of the people? Are our concerns just an annoyance to the Republican Party? Is it okay to sacrifice the "good of the people" for the "good of the party"?

I don't know what Gov. Crist is going to decide regarding the Senate primary race. While I admit I haven't always agreed with his decisions, I think that, for the most part, he has shown courage and class by rising above party politics and doing what he thinks is right for the people of Florida. I hope he continues to do so.

Diane Kornick, Clearwater

New call for Crist: Quit for good of GOP April 20, story

Crist did the right thing

In this story, a Tampa teacher is quoted as saying: "I like Crist fine, but if he ran as an independent, that would make him a traitor."

A traitor to whom? The people of Florida who just dodged a very bad piece of legislation that would benefit the testing companies represented by the man (Sen. John Thrasher) who proposed it? The Republican Party, whose motto seems to be "Do it my way, right or wrong"?

Judging by the editorials, blogs and conversations I have heard, Crist did the right thing. Thanks for helping us, Charlie, and for doing your job.

Nancy Schubart, Treasure Island

New call for Crist: Quit for good of GOP April 20, story

Heed the heart

Gov. Crist. A real man works most of his life to provide for and protect his family. When you accepted your position, you became responsible to do this for all Floridians, not just a selected few. Sometimes you have to change directions to keep from running off a cliff or into a dead end. Sometimes you have to fly solo.

Proverbs 4:23 states, "Keep your heart with diligence for out of it comes the issues of life." If you follow your heart, you will be able to live with whatever decision you make.

Just remember, your Florida family needs you.

Julius Ricks, Spring Hill

Crist as independent creates a new day April 21

Crist serves Crist

Gov. Charlie Crist emphatically stated he was running as a Republican in the 2010 Senate primary during his debate with Marco Rubio. Now Crist says things have changed, and that because he wants what's best for the people of Florida he is considering running as an independent.

I think Charlie Crist is doing what's best for Charlie Crist. If he truly believed his values more reflect those of another party, why didn't Crist run as an independent back in 2006?

Personal attacks on Rubio did not raise his poll numbers, so now he may jump to another ship. Too hot in one kitchen? Just move to another. I want a leader who sticks to his convictions, not one who flip-flops.

Richard Golden, San Antonio

On a true path

Three cheers for Gov. Charlie Crist. He refused to march in lockstep to his party's mindless mind-set. By his action, he is not a politician (I rue the term), but a statesman. Would Winston Churchill be a premature comparison? Probably so, but Gov.Crist is on a true path.

He has courageously swum against the tide of political assuredness … and security. His apparent concern is not being elected, but the welfare of Floridians.

He has my vote.

Paul A. Ponsard, St. Petersburg

With veto, Crist sets stage for independence April 16

For his own good

Once again, Charlie Crist is doing the right thing … not for Florida, but for Charlie Crist.

Tim Shepherd, Dunedin

Earth Day

Push for clean energy

This Earth Day marks a historic time for our nation and my (the millennial) generation. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and we are looking to define this next decade with a robust, clean-energy economy that addresses the climate crisis, creates safe and healthy communities, and establishes lasting economic opportunity.

I and thousands of other young people across the country recently participated in the Define Our Decade initiative. We discussed and prioritized the solutions we want to see this decade.More than 83 percent of those involved said they that want to have a world powered by 100 percent clean and renewable energy by 2020.

Over the next decade the millennial generation will come out and vote in record numbers and hold our elected officials accountable, so that on Earth Day 2020, we can celebrate a world that is powered by 100 percent clean energy!

Dan Cannon, St. Petersburg

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