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Thursday's letters: Cain shown to be unfit for office

Cain out after sex claims take toll | Dec. 4

Cain shown unfit for office

Herman Cain showed himself to be unfit for high office. Over the last several weeks, his deficiencies in both character and competence became clear.

His denials of sexual impropriety were sorely unconvincing, revealing him as a person willing to discard and impugn those he had used. He likewise dismissed his obvious lack of grasp of international issues as unimportant, instead concentrating on sound-bite simplicity to promote a 9-9-9 tax policy that he was unable to defend in any sort of credible way when questioned about its fiscal and social implications.

In anything more than a cursory examination, Herman Cain is revealed as vacuous, despite strong tea party support. It is disturbing to note how far he actually rose before imploding when subjected to reasonable scrutiny.

Thom Kenning, Valrico

GOP hypocrisy

Hypocrisy in the GOP race truly amazes me. Herman Cain is accused of marital infidelity and is forced to quit the race, but Newt Gingrich, who has actually cheated on several wives, is now the front-runner.

Gingrich was fined $300,000 for ethics violations and takes millions from special interest groups and he is now a contender? This is another example of the dumbing down of America.

Spencer Blank, Ocala

Search for pot crops starts at a small store Dec. 4

Police resources wasted

Once again police resources are wasted with surveillance cameras and manpower and a net result of one arrest and one marijuana plant confiscated.

We are not paying attention to the lessons learned (or not) from Prohibition. The number of arrests for pot-related crimes is mind-boggling. The war on drugs a colossal failure. Pot should be legal and taxed like tobacco.

Jim Caputo, Spring Hill

School explains 'social justice' | Dec. 3

And justice for all

Since when is "justice" a dirty word? Our country was established on the principle of justice for all, and now tea party activists (who are supposedly for our Constitution) find it offensive for youth to discuss bullying, diversity and equal opportunity for all?

I commend Durant High School and its school guidance counselor for establishing this forum in response to student concerns. The youth show more maturity than the intolerant people who caused the furor.

Ann Doyle, Tampa

Felons can get a license to sell | Dec. 4

Bureaucratic rubber stamp

If less than 1 percent of applications are denied, the Florida Real Estate Commission appears to be yet another bureaucratic rubber stamp.

Unfortunately for Floridians, this commission is part of a much bigger failed bureaucracy, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which oversees 29 occupations. The department's overall denial rate isn't much higher than that of the Real Estate Commission, and we're paying hundreds of millions annually for the "consumer protection" allegedly provided by DBPR.

I would love to have the Times do an investigation of this organization, whose motto is "license efficiently and regulate fairly." I guess licensing efficiently means approving almost everything that crosses your desk, and regulate fairly means ignoring past criminal acts by applicants.

Peter Ford, Tierra Verde

Worthy of a second chance

Should having a criminal record disqualify you from getting a real estate license or any other form of employment? Absolutely not. If felons have paid their price to society, why should they be prevented from having a way to support themselves?

Many infractions create that dreaded title, felon. However, it does not necessarily mean that the person is a hardened criminal. We as a civilized nation must allow people who have made a mistake and paid their dues to come back into society and be employed.

Dottie Clark, Apollo Beach

Apple was the innovator | Dec. 3, letter

Gates, Apple and Unix

This letter's history of personal computing is flawed. The Apple operating system has always been based on a derivative of Unix. MS-DOS never shared this genetic history.

The DOS operating system created and sold by Bill Gates, "disk operating system," was based on Gary Kildall's CP/M operating system, which preceded Gates. There is interesting history about how IBM initially approached Kildall to get him to provide the operating system for the new PC, but Kildall decided to go flying and blew off the IBM representatives who came to meet with him. They ultimately found their way to Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and the rest is history.

If Bill Gates ripped anyone off, it was Kildall and CP/M.

Michael Otto, Oldsmar

ADHD drugs dwindle and parents scramble Dec. 3

Overuse of drugs

As a pharmacist, I would like to see a comparison in the use of ADHD drugs in the United States and any other civilized country in Europe or Asia where this type of pharmaceutical is readily available.

Check the percentage of children in those countries who "need" ADHD drugs versus the "need" here. Some parents today use chemical babysitters, better known as ADHD drugs, to handle bad behavior. The drugs are terribly overused, and physicians feed into the situation.

The real crux of the problem is that we overmedicate people in this country and try to solve every problem with a drug.

Thomas Ginther, Homosassa

Genuine pain issues

As someone suffering with chronic pain issues, I took exception to the comment by the pharmacy owner that if an "addict can't get oxycodone, Adderall is viewed by some as a reasonable alternative."

It is this attitude by pharmacists that is part of the problem, as well as the profiling they subject people to. People with genuine pain issues are being forced to suffer due to a small segment of the population that abuses these medicines. It is not fair that these people make snap judgment calls as to who is an "addict" or not.

Daniel Patrick McCarthy, Clearwater

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