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Thursday's letters: Keep the pressure on the politicians

Election 2010

Keep the pressure on politicians

Now we might really hope for change. The voters need to keep the pressure on politicians to stop the crazy spending.

Ignore the media and their constant sniping at Sarah Palin and the tea party. Keep voting no on schemes that will be spending nightmares that will never pay for themselves — like light rail. Without its schemes that buy votes and prop up unions, the Democratic Party would have lost even more badly on Tuesday.

Companies will start hiring again when they have some glimmer of hope their taxes and their health insurance aren't going to go through the roof. Stay focused, but this is a start.

Claude Hensley, Clearwater

Taking a step backward

Through the intractable "just say no" policies of the right, the funding of Republicans and tea partiers by nameless corporate and special interests, and the deceptive half-truths of the conservative media, America was seduced in these midterm elections to take a half step backward toward the regressive conservative policies that brought us to these hard economic times.

The Republican Pledge to America promises to return to the same failed policies of trickle-down economics and catering to the wealthy and corporate interests at the expense of America's shrinking middle class and the poor.

Numerous re-elected Republican candidates have averred that they will not compromise on their principles, invoking the same complaints they leveled at Democrats for the last two years. Since the Senate remains in Democratic hands, it is my hope that Congress, like a slow-cooking stew, will be improved by the stirring of these elections.

Gerard Meyn, Dunnellon

Boggles the mind

I do not understand how an informed electorate can choose to elect "a hero" to the Taj Mahal, a man who led a company fined $1.7 billion for defrauding our government (taxpayers) and a man whose wife bought a $500,000 house that he had no knowledge of.

It boggles the mind. I'll take being out of step with the majority over being out of touch with reality every time.

Cathy Drier, New Port Richey

Voter repudiation

My condolences to the St. Petersburg Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and of course MSNBC. After 21 months of fawning adulation for the Obama administration, with a constant and collective drumbeat of negative condescension for all things conservative, the electorate has repudiated the progressive agenda of the president and the Democrats.

You remember the electorate, don't you? Those ignorant, greedy hypocrites who are part of the lunatic fringe? Well they have spoken loudly, and the election results prompt this question: Who is on the fringe now?

Charles H. Heist, Clearwater

Closing the deal

Sold — for $73 million — the office of governor of the state of Florida! We should all be ashamed.

Margaret Hyde, Clearwater

Embarrassment for state

Another Election Day, another embarrassment for Florida. By a slim margin, Floridians elected a thief and a liar to lead them.

Rick Scott led a company that knowingly stole taxpayer dollars to enrich the company's officers, including Rick Scott. Then, while being deposed for the trial, he continually lied and evaded the truth.

Did any of Scott's supporters ever stop to ask themselves why he would spend $73 million to get a job that pays a few hundred thousand? Maybe it is so he and his rich friends can keep using Florida as their own personal playground.

He certainly did not run for governor to help the average Floridian lead a better life.

Joel Melvin, Clearwater

Does Obama understand?

President Barack Obama gave a very good postelection news conference. He was articulate and insightful and seemed to be taking responsibility for the loss of Democratic seats in Congress.

He outlined his future path to work with both parties to get the economy moving again and create jobs. All of this is good and the direction that the country should be moving.

But does he "get it"? I don't think so. He and the Democrats who will soon be unemployed had no idea of the anger they stirred up in the electorate when they hijacked the process and pushed through a health care bill that many Americans opposed.

Florida's nonbinding referendum for a federal balanced budget amendment passed handily. Even a junior accountant realizes that if you continue to spend more than your income, a day of reckoning is coming. To my disappointment this issue was never raised at the news conference.

I hope our representatives in Congress get the message that we cannot spend more than we earn endlessly.

Donald H. Kennedy, Largo

A learning experience

What a night on Nov. 2. I have learned so much — what it feels like to win and what it feels like to lose. I can honestly say I wouldn't change a thing. What we learn when our plans don't work out can only make us stronger and provide us with a well of experience to draw from for future endeavors.

I firmly believe that running for the state Senate seat for District 16 was what I was supposed to do. It gave voters the ability to choose a candidate with integrity, passion and a heart for the community. I've enjoyed my time on the School Board, and am grateful for the two years I have been given to complete my term with the board.

I am excited about what the future holds. The problems in Florida are too great to sit on the sidelines and do nothing. Now is the time to pay attention and become more involved in the political process. Everyone needs to do their part, and I will commit to doing what I can to hold Tallahassee accountable for the decisions they make.

Nina Hayden, Clearwater

Transit tax

Increase wasn't worth it

The increase in the sales tax was rejected (despite a massive advertising campaign and support from the local press and businesses) not because of the economic climate, but because it just was not worth it. The solution to rapid transit in Hillsborough County is road-widening. This has already been demonstrated in the I-275 stretch downtown and around the airport, Fowler Avenue and, soon, Bruce B. Downs in New Tampa.

Ken Keller, Temple Terrace

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