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Thursday's letters: Lower taxes means more jobs

Tax cut mantra collides with data | July 8, editorial

Lower taxes equals more jobs

This editorial gets it wrong. For any company, the simple truth is that the more income it can keep, the more people it can hire. And the more people it can hire, the faster it can grow.

This is the principle and deciding factor that sealed Bing Energy International's decision to relocate its corporate headquarters from Chino, Calif., and set up its first production facility in Tallahassee.

We were aggressively courted by several other states — including Massachusetts and Illinois — that had higher initial incentives, but the tipping point in our decision to move to Florida was Gov. Rick Scott's plan to eliminate the corporate income tax.

Just like Florida has invested in Bing Energy, we are investing in the economic development of Florida. In the last few months, Bing Energy has hired 14 employees for our production facility in Tallahassee. These are new, high-paying jobs that, without Scott's pro-employer plan and our move, wouldn't haven been created in Florida. And many more jobs are yet to come.

Dean Minardi, CFO, Bing Energy International, Tallahassee

Harvest of hate against migrants | July 8, commentary

Put yourself in their shoes

Thanks to Barbara Mainster for putting a human face on a migrant population that is all too often regarded as the "other."

Some time ago I took my students at the University of Tampa to visit the fields and houses near "Tommytown" in Dade City. They met a mother whose back was so bent working in the strawberry fields said she would not stand during the 10 hours of labor for fear she would not be able to crouch down again. But her face shined when she described how she got each of her children through school.

Because we all benefit from migrant workers' labor, we are all responsible for finding a just and humane way of treating workers. There are complex social, economic and legal issues, but the first step is to stop the violent rhetoric and recognize our common humanity.

Francis Gillen, Clearwater

The dignity of all people

Traumatizing, incarcerating and charging this migrant family with felonies for "dim headlights" escapes all logic.

For Catholics, our social teaching affirms the dignity of every human being, made in the image of God, to build a just society while living lives of holiness amid the challenges of the modern world.

The church does not advocate undocumented immigration into the United States; rather, it respects the dignity of the human person and the right to work to meet a family's basic needs. While the state may impose reasonable limits on immigration, the common good is not served when the basic human rights of the individual are violated.

The bishops have consistently advocated for "a path to citizenship" for immigrants already present and contributing to society, including paying a fine, a comprehensive criminal background check, proof of paying taxes, learning English and obtaining a visa leading to permanent residency.

Immigration is a federal issue requiring a federal solution rather than the attempts to craft punitive proposals in several states, including Florida.

Michael Doyle, Tampa

Breaking the law

Barbara Mainster is basically accusing everyone of hating migrants. That is far from the truth.

A search of the van turned up false ID, which caused the occupants to be arrested. I would think anyone stopped with false paperwork in the United States post-9/11 would be held, questioned or arrested. The key word here is illegal.

I am all for a better life for anyone as long at it is done legally.

Rick Conlon, Tampa

Corrections officers punished | July 8

Sending a message on abuse

Corrections Secretary Edwin Buss deserves praise for terminating three Wakulla Correctional Officers over allegations of inmate abuse and falsifying reports. It is good to see him bringing Florida into the 21st century.

Buss has sent the message that those who choose to abuse inmates need to look for employment elsewhere, because we no longer tolerate it in Florida.

Christopher Eckhardt, Clearwater

It's not a crime to say: 'I don't know' | July 7, commentary

Educate, don't incite

Misplaced attention to an uninformed, boisterous minority threatens our way of life. A perfect example is the reaction to the Casey Anthony verdict. The rush to judgment before any presentation of evidence followed by the vilification of the jury should disgust all people of reason.

Our country would be better served by education and reflection rather than misinformation and incitement.

Ubiquitous polling is having a deleterious effect on public policy, since many of our elected representatives lack the statesmanship, courage and knowledge to counter the trend of casual, know-it-all opinions on any and all subjects.

Sam A. Giunta, Tampa

Jury duty

Decisions can be difficult

I can understand the judge's reluctance to release the names of the Casey Anthony jurors. I once sat on a jury involving a man who was drunk and ran over a sheriff's deputy who was directing traffic after a football game. The charge was murder, not manslaughter.

There was no question in our minds that the defendant was guilty of negligent homicide, but the state simply did not prove murder.

Our acquittal was very unpopular. Leaving court, we ran a gantlet of shouting, catcalls, obscene gestures and demands that we explain ourselves.

Being a juror is not easy. Being a juror who is certain a defendant is guilty in a case where the state fails to prove the charge is even more difficult.

Kenneth Clanton, Lutz

Honeymoon Island

Representation optional?

All of you who love our state parks, ponder this come Election Day: State Sen. Mike Fasano noted that Gov. Rick Scott's administration is "listening to the people for a change." For a change?

When listening to the voters is a novelty, you have a monarch or an overlord, but it is scarcely representative governance.

Valerie Wolf, Riverview

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