Friday, April 20, 2018
Letters To The Editor

Thursday's letters: Photo fuels unjustified fears

Republican National Convention

Fueling fears

I was a legal observer during the peaceful march sponsored by the Coalition to March on the RNC. Among the hundreds of marchers, fewer than 10 wore face coverings. What did you show in a large color photo of the march? People with bandanas over their faces. Is this an attempt to reinforce the idea that a community should fear protests, that protesters are menacing and probably violent, that the overwhelming law enforcement presence is justified?

I expected better from the Times.

Barbara Byars, Tampa

Wrong skill set

Nothing in Mitt Romney's background shows that he has the ability to create jobs as a governmental official.

As governor of Massachusetts, his state was 47th in job creation. At Bain Capital, he was able to cherry-pick the best targets for corporate takeovers. As a corporate executive he used leveraged buyouts that involved massive borrowing, job cutting, ending pensions and outsourcing jobs overseas.

None of those techniques are utilized by the president of the United States to jump-start our economy. So, other than the same old policies of tax cuts and trickle-down economics that created the Great Recession, tell us what you will do as president when you can't pick the projects you want to work on and have to deal with the good and the bad?

Catherine Casas, Tampa

Excessive security

I am disappointed. I understand that we need to provide security to everyone involved in the RNC and the news media, but I was so hoping to meet Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper when I went to their hotel. I not only missed them both but was rudely told I was not permitted on the premises at all.

This seems like overkill to me. I was able to meet and spend time with Tony Blair in the King David Hotel in Israel while he was mediating Israel-Palestinian peace talks with no added security measures interfering. It is really sad to think that we cannot feel safe enough to be human enough to say hello.

Susan Hart-Medvin, Tampa

Venerable venue

I am concerned about the choice of adjectives in Eric Deggans' recent article on the national broadcast of PBS's Washington Week from the Palladium Theater. He referred to the theater as "aging." If he were referring to the executive director, then the term would be entirely appropriate. But in writing about this historic, beautifully restored and well-maintained building, I think the word he meant to use was "venerable."

Paul Wilborn, executive director, Palladium at St. Petersburg College, St. Petersburg

Hidden agendas

Mitt Romney could have starred in the old TV show I've Got a Secret. Once you sift through his negative ads, what you find is that Mitt Romney hasn't told us anything about what he wants to do.

His campaign is full of unanswered questions. Does he intend to get rid of the home mortgage deduction for the middle class? His standard answer to this and any other specific questions about his economic plan is, "We'll negotiate that with Congress."

Translation: Me and my rich friends will decide. That's unacceptable.

Julie Jenkins, Tampa

A clear choice

We have a choice in this election between two candidates. It is not a perfect choice, but we need to determine which path we as a country will follow.

One candidate promises adherence to the Constitution and its vision of limited government, restoration of our finances, personal freedoms, and also personal responsibility. The other candidate looks to continue policies that embrace socialism, collectivism and erode this nation's sovereignty while continuing spending policies that encourage government dependency and deficit spending.

Jason McIntyre, Tampa


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